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Editors’ Picks for Faculty…Primary Sources Edition

“Depression-Proof” Milk, the 1918 Flu Pandemic – And More Primary Sources for Distance Learning

By Kelly Latham, Editor

Need digital content for online courses? Spark engagement and discussion with a variety of content from across the ProQuest portfolio. (For some items, you may need to log into your ProQuest or library account.)

Check out a few highlights from ProQuest’s primary sources and documentaries.

Newspaper Article: Public Gathering Places Closed By City Council for Two Months (Oct. 1918)
Source: ProQuest Historical Newspapers, The Atlanta Constitution (1881-1945)
Disciplines: Infectious Diseases, Health, History

From October 8, 1918, page 1: “Order is adopted to stop spread of Spanish “Flu” now raging here. Unless otherwise changed, instructions will shut the doors of movies, theaters, schools, churches and pool and billiard parlors. Council order follows health board’s action. Theater men express perfect willingness to abide by ruling. Southeastern Fair and Pageant and Parade not affected.”
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Department of State Records: Art Looting and Nazi Germany: Records of the Fine Arts and Monuments Adviser, Ardelia Hall, 1945-1961
Source: History Vault
Disciplines: World History, Art

Ardelia Ripley Hall (1899–1979), trained as an art historian, brought her academic training to the world of international diplomacy and was pivotal in rescuing Europe’s stolen art from the Nazis. She was a cultural affairs officer at the U.S. Department of State from 1946 to 1964, where she focused her work on carrying out the State Department’s objective of returning looted artwork to the country of origin.
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Documentary: Against the Tide
Source: Global Issues Library
Disciplines: Global Issues, Immigration 

Since the mid-1990s, more than 20,000 migrants have died in the Mediterranean in their attempt to reach Europe. This film shares the extraordinary action taken by activists from Africa and Europe: raising awareness, mobilizing public opinion and continuing the struggle for the rights of boat-people.
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Play: The Ballad of Emmett Till
Source: Black Drama, Third Edition
Disciplines: Theatre/Drama, Literature

A month after his fourteenth birthday, a confident Chicago youth, a boy on the threshold of manhood, embarks on a summer trip to Mississippi. His saga changes the course of a nation...but what of his own journey? The story of a quest…the pursuit of happiness, of liberty…and…life! (The Ballad of Emmett Till was written by Ifa Bayeza. It premiered at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and was awarded a Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference fellowship and the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best Play.)
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Newspaper Article: Milk Combine Profits Bigger During Slump (May 1933)
Source: ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post (1877-2003)
Discipline: Business/Economics

From May 13, 1933, page 1: “The National Dairy Products Corporation, which controls the bulk of the milk distribution in the Capital, appears to be depression-proof. This statement is attested by the fact that after the stock market crash of 1929 in the first six months of 1930 this corporation showed a profit gain of 70 per cent over 1929.”
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Documentary: One Night in Bhopal
Source: Engineering Case Studies Online
Disciplines: Engineering, Science 

On June 2, 1984, a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India leaked enormous amounts of methyl isocyanate gas into the atmosphere. Known as the “Bhopal Gas Disaster,” the event resulted in the deaths of 8,000 people and over 200,000 injured. It is considered one of the world’s worst industrial accidents.
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