15 February 2019 Blogs

New Leading Issues for Spring

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One of the biggest challenges for students in writing an argument or research paper is choosing a topic. SIRS Issues Researcher has this problem solved with 374 Leading Issues in our collection. The Leading Issues pro/con framework helps students pick a topic and understand its origins, related issues, global perspectives, and essential questions under debate. Top trending social issues are covered in-depth using best-of information compiled from thousands of global full-text and multimedia sources by our editorial team.

Editors add to and update the Leading Issues collection regularly to ensure your students have access to the most relevant content. Here are the newest Leading Issues:

Fishery Management: How does overfishing impact the environment? Immigrant Children: Should protections for immigrant children be strengthened in immigration law and procedure? Police Brutality: Would more accountability, oversight, and training help prevent police brutality? Sports and Economics: Do sports franchises and sporting events provide positive economic impact for the cities that host them? Sustainable Development: How can we reach sustainable development goals without compromising future generations? Video Game Addiction: Is video game addiction, known as "gaming disorder," a diagnosable mental condition?

The following Leading Issues have also been updated, and new Essential Questions added in some cases, to reflect the current focus of the controversy:

Human Trafficking, School Lunches, Electronic Cigarettes, Teens and Driving
For beginning researchers, the SIRS Discoverer's Pro/Con Leading Issues collection has expanded to 69 Leading Issues. Pro/Con Leading Issues is designed to develop the critical thinking skills of students in upper elementary and middle schools grades. Each issue contains a framework for your students to analyze an issue and its viewpoints with an overview, vocabulary terms, essential question, viewpoint articles, an editorial cartoon, and critical thinking questions.

See the newest additions to SIRS Discoverer's Pro/Con Leading Issues collection with age-appropriate content for upper elementary and middle school students:

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press: Should there be limits on freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Vaping: Should teens be banned from using electronic cigarettes?

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