03 September 2019 Blogs

National History Day Help from eLibrary

Intro Copy

National History Day is an annual event that challenges students in middle and high school to research, compose and present on a topic. The half a million or so who participate must choose a topic that fits the official theme, which for 2020 is Breaking Barriers in History. eLibrary has created a special page devoted to helping students get started on National History Day projects. It can spark ideas and help them choose topics by presenting a number of ProQuest Research Topic Guides--special pages that contain links to hundreds of Research Topics titles. If a student wants to investigate further, it takes just a click to go to a specific Research Topic, which will provide overviews, in-depth articles, photos, videos and primary documents. Also included the National History Day guide are Research Topics and other resources related to the process of doing history, researching and writing. Just provide your students this link: ProQuest Research Topic Guide: National History Day 2020. Or they can simply search "National History Day" and the page will be highlighted at the top of the search results. Good luck to all the students who embark on a historical journey for National History Day!

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