10 October 2019 Blogs, K-12, Faculty, Librarian, Student/Researcher

CultureGrams Gets New Idea Exchange Forum

Sharing your ideas has never been easier.

Have you ever had an idea for improving CultureGrams? Now you can share your thoughts at our new Idea Exchange! Idea Exchange is a forum where you can post suggestions to make CultureGrams a better research and learning tool, as well as comment on and vote for others’ ideas. Sharing your feedback is easy. Simply include your name and email address, and you can submit your ideas and interact with existing posts. Anyone—teachers, librarians, and students alike—can add or vote on ideas. Not sure what to submit? Maybe you'd like to see a new feature or more content about certain topics. Perhaps you caught a content error, or you have a suggestion for making our interface a little more user-friendly. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you. We will read every post, prioritize the implementation of those with the most support, and communicate with you so you know what to expect.  We want our users to drive the evolution of CultureGrams to help it become an even better product. Not a CultureGrams user? Click here to request a free trial.