05 March 2019 Blogs

Fresh Technology-Related Research Topics in eLibrary

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Just a quick note on some fresh technology-related Research Topics in eLibrary. Internet/Technology Addiction While the rise of smartphones and internet technologies has been world-changing and largely positive, there is a dark side to it. Research suggests that using these technologies can stimulate the same parts of the brain that drugs do, and people can become obsessed. This Research Topic examines this pitfall of modern life and its effects on the brain. Net Neutrality The internet has always been a crazy free-for-all allowing voices big and small to promote ideas on every topic imaginable. In 2010, the Obama administration's FCC issued the Open Internet Order, which, among other things, barred internet providers from creating tiered service that would allow faster data transmission for those willing and able to pay for it. The Trump administration rolled back the rules in 2017 and spurred new debate on the subject. Not all technology is new technology, and many of the old ones continue have an impact. Electric Motor Case in point: Electric motors have been around since the early 1800s, but the most cutting-edge automobiles in the world today are using electric motors. Our Research Topic provides articles discussing general principles of electric motors and their use in the auto industry. Cotton Cotton Research Topic You might not think of a plant as a technology. Fair enough, but as soon as you use the fibers to make yarn, you have technology. Think about the history of cotton, the technologies that were developed to utilize it--like large-scale spinning machines, power-driven factories and the Cotton Gin--and how they made cotton a gigantic industry from the Industrial Revolution on. Finally, here is one that ties it all together: Technological Change Progress marches on. New technologies spread in predictable ways and they can have wide-ranging effects on how people live and work, both good and bad. Not only can Research Topics like these aid in the discussion of a specific topic but also in the larger discussion of the impact of science and technology on course of human existence. This is just a snapshot of the vast variety of Research Topics in eLibrary. Just search common phrases and look for Research Topic pages at the top of and mixed in with the results. As you type your search, watch for the auto-completed drop-downs--these are Research Topic titles. eLibrary Search

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