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Shake Up Your Syllabus This Spring

Is your syllabus getting stale? Shake up your class this spring with varied content from across the ProQuest portfolio.

Is your syllabus getting stale? Shake up your class this spring with varied content from across the ProQuest portfolio.

By: Kelly Latham, Faculty Campaigns

Access to different content types and cross-disciplinary content allow faculty and students to explore subjects from different angles. See our Spring Editor’s Picks for Faculty below. (For some items, you may need to log into your ProQuest or library account or request a free trial.)

Documentary: “Losing Alaska”
Source: Academic Video Online
Disciplines: Environmental Studies

In Newtok, Alaska, they’ve known for decades their future is in peril. From Taskovski Films, “Losing Alaska” tells the story of a small community dealing with a slow-moving disaster. They have seen the land dropping away on all sides and the river growing stronger year after year. The school – the highest building in the town – could be taking in water by 2019. They are losing up to 50 feet of land per year, every year. Will it be the first American town lost to climate change?
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“The poems of Lady Hester Pulter: An annotated edition”
Source: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
Disciplines: Literature

Lady Hester Pulter (1605?-1678) was an English poet and writer. Her poems, including a series of emblem-poems, reflect her sympathy for King Charles I, her religious concerns and her curiosity about science. This dissertation is an edition of her complete known surviving poems found in a manuscript at the Brotherton Library at Leeds in Yorkshire in 1996 and includes a scholarly introduction describing her life, reading, social setting and place in literature.
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“Leadership (The Brian Tracy Success Library)”
Source: Academic Complete
Discipline: Leadership, Business

Nobody comes into the world a natural leader. But what is it that transforms some people into the kind of magnetic individuals who inspire others to follow? In this concise and powerful book, success expert Brian Tracy reveals how you can inspire trust, confidence and loyalty, instill a sense of meaning and purpose in an organization, tap into the motivation and enthusiasm that compels others to commit to your vision, think strategically – and more.
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Journal Article: “Using Social Technologies for Competitive Advantage: Impact on Organizations and Higher Education”
Source: ProQuest Central
Discipline: Computer Information Systems, Curriculum Development

The number of people engaging in social technologies for both personal and business reasons is staggering. The phenomenon is growing exponentially and fast becoming an integrated, cross-platform experience. From the Journal of Computer Information Systems, this article is based on research results and a review of related literature. It addresses two issues: 1) how organizations can rethink their social strategy to gain competitive advantage and 2) how social technologies education should be incorporated into the curriculum so students are prepared for life beyond graduation.
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Blog Post: “Beyond Green Book: Who Was Don Shirley?”
Source: ProQuest Extraordinary Stories Blog
Discipline: Music, Black Studies

Controversial winner of the 2019 Academy Award for Best Picture, “Green Book” tells the story of real-life piano virtuoso Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali, Best Supporting Actor) and the challenges he faced during a tour in the racially segregated American South of the early 1960s. ProQuest’s Extraordinary Stories Blog takes a look at this complex, often contradictory musician using ProQuest’s varied content.
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