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Introducing ProQuest One Academic

A new product brings four critical multidisciplinary resources into one place, creating the best destination for research, teaching and learning.

A new product brings four critical multidisciplinary resources into one place, creating the best destination for research, teaching and learning

By Rafael Sidi, SVP and General Manager, ProQuest Information Solutions

Today I am excited to announce the launch of ProQuest One Academic, the first product in the broader ProQuest One initiative that will enable libraries to respond to their users’ needs and improve research, teaching and learning outcomes at their institutions.

The growth of content has created unprecedented challenges in the research process, from defining a topic to locating the best resources to dissecting the right information. After months of collaborating with students, faculty and librarians to understand the tasks and goals they are trying to achieve, we have created a solution that addresses their pain points.   

ProQuest One Academic is the best destination for multidisciplinary research, teaching and learning. It brings together more than 250 years of authoritative, curated content available across every discipline and format to one place. ProQuest One Academic encompasses the entirety of four resources many researchers and libraries rely upon: ProQuest Central, Academic Complete, ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global and Academic Video Online, creating a seamless user experience for researchers at all levels.

ProQuest One Academic users can cross-search journals, dissertations, news, video, magazines, ebooks and more, all at once – saving them a tremendous amount of time and helping them complete tasks in a more efficient way. Most importantly, having all this content in one place – on the ProQuest platform – will lead to more insightful and contextual knowledge discovery.

Faculty can find streaming videos in combination with case studies for teaching, a graduate student can pick a topic for her dissertation, and a student can easily access a book he needs for an assignment and then expand his research by including news or journal coverage.  

In developing ProQuest One Academic, our team conducted intense user studies with careful attention to workflow pain points. ProQuest One Academic eliminates users’ extra steps and distractions, enabling them to read, view and share content in one place. ProQuest also worked with more than 40 libraries during the development of this product to understand the root of their challenges. In the future, we believe ProQuest One Academic will lift a huge administrative burden from their shoulders by reducing the number of platforms they have to configure, manage and train users on.

Libraries who subscribe to ProQuest One Academic can continue to provide options for different research use cases. Their users get access to the wealth of resources in one platform, but they can also choose to work on the native platforms (Academic Video Online for videos or Ebook Central for ebooks). So, researchers – depending on the task that they want to achieve – can choose what is best for them: get everything in one place for a more comprehensive, multi-format search, or use specialized platforms for videos or books.

I am very thankful to all the users and librarians who provided valuable input and shaped the development of ProQuest One Academic. This is just the beginning of the innovation in aggregation that the ProQuest One initiative will bring. We will continue to enrich our content and develop new solutions with the best user experience and workflow tools. At the center of it all, our focus will be on helping libraries meet the evolving needs in research, teaching and learning for their institutions.

Learn more about ProQuest One Academic. 

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