26 February 2018 Blogs

The Editorial Difference

Intro Copy

Editors working behind the scenes at ProQuest use their skills and experiences to create products for optimal research outcomes, supporting all researchers from elementary school students to life-long learners. Many of our products were founded by educators to promote student learning and achievement, and we strive every day to continue that mission. The editor’s role is a vital one: They must ensure that a wide variety of viewpoints are represented, that issues of local and global importance are included, and that a variety of learning styles are accommodated through their work. They’re responsible for monitoring important metrics and market data – such as usage reports, curriculum standards, and customer feedback – to ensure that we’re providing the most up-to-date, relevant content for our users. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" link="file" ids="31856,31855"] ProQuest’s talented team members are professionals with diverse educational backgrounds – many with advanced degrees in English, History, Multimedia Journalism, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. Many came to us with professional teaching and writing experience. On a personal level, our editors have passions for reading, writing, traveling, and volunteering in the community. Regardless of background, a great editor is characterized by innate curiosity, a large breadth of skills, independent thinking, a clear vision, and a passion for what they’re researching. At ProQuest, we strive to match an editor’s experience and passion with the topics for which they are responsible. If we could peer into a day in the life of an editor, it’s almost certain you’d find the History Editor watching a documentary or visiting a museum, the Arts Editor reading a classic novel or visiting a local art installation, or a CultureGrams editor traveling to another country to get an insider’s perspective of the culture. Our team of editors has an average of 15 years of experience investing the time and effort necessary to create quality products for researchers. Whether curating a Research Topic for eLibrary, writing about a Leading Issue for SIRS Issues Researcher, or working with in-country contributors on a CultureGrams report, our editors put their education, experience, and passions to work for you!

The editorial difference is found in ProQuest Guided Research products that equip students to learn information literacy skills. Research made easy! Free trials are available.