28 September 2018 Blogs

Leading Issues in the News: Higher Education

Intro Copy

College enrollment is dropping…College costs are rising…Graduates are not prepared for today’s workforce…Student debt is a real problem… SIRS Issues Researcher addresses these and other challenges facing higher education today with its new and updated Leading Issues. Each Leading Issue includes a topic overview, essential questions, viewpoints, supporting arguments, critical thinking prompts, and a timeline that provides background history and context.
  • College Education:  Is a college education worth the cost for all students?
  • College Environment: How should college administrators respond when free speech on their campuses could lead to protests and violence?
  • Dating Violence/Date Rape: Is the campus judicial process for dealing with sexual assaults biased?
  • For-Profit Schools: Are for-profit colleges unfairly criticized?
  • Fraternities and Sororities: Should fraternities and sororities be banned?
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