11 September 2018 Blogs

Back to School Update: eLibrary

Intro Copy

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! There are many changes in eLibrary since the beginning of last year, but the Editorial Difference remains. Our editors curate every Research Topic, every standard correlation, and every website you find in eLibrary.

At a Glance - New Features in eLibrary

  • New search engine
  • Responsive design for any screen size
  • Cross-searching with other ProQuest products

At a Glance - New Content in eLibrary

  • 126 new Research Topics for a total of 11,254 topics
  • 36 new publications for a total of 2,079
  • More than 6.3 million new documents for a total of 169 million
  • 36 curriculum standards updated for 19 states

New Research Topics

In addition to the continuous refreshing of our Research Topics, editors have added twenty new career pages, several new biographies, and new pages covering historical events and current trends.

New Research Topics include Mechanical Engineer, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Rohingya Crisis, Viola Desmond, Qing Dynasty, Founding Fathers, and Apprenticeships

Lesson Idea: Most Research Topics have a carousel of Related Topics at the bottom of the page. Have your students use this feature to navigate between two or more Research Topics and cite the documents they find in them to "prove" the relationships between people, ideas, and events.

New Content

eLibrary is updated with new content every day, adding about half a million documents every month. Our new publications include Bookforum, Bloomberg Wire Service, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Hidden Brain, Planet Money, Washington Post Online, and Politico. Keep an eye on the Editors' Picks carousel near the top of eLibrary's home page, where we highlight historical events "on this day", Research Topics relevant to today's headlines, or topics that are just too interesting to miss. Check out our new product catalog! Don’t have ProQuest? Set up a trial today.