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ProQuest platform is COUNTER compliant for 2015

Standardized usage data helps libraries understand user needs, demonstrate effectiveness of e-resources and make informed collection development decisions

Standardized usage data is essential for libraries to understand user needs, demonstrate the effectiveness of their e-resources and for making better informed collection development decisions.

Along these lines, we are happy to report that the ProQuest platform (https://www.proquest.com) has been issued its COUNTER compliancy for 2015.To maintain COUNTER compliancy, vendors must be independently audited annually.

Specifically, the ProQuest platform is certified in the following COUNTER reports:

Journal reports

►    JR1
►    JR1 GOA
►    JR2
►    JR5

Database reports

►    DB1
►    DB2
►    PR1

Book reports*

►    BR2
►    BR3


►    MR1

*Reports BR1, BR4, and BR5 were not certified because they apply to complete book content, whereas ProQuest platform includes book content in chapter or comparable forms.
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Detailed information on the ProQuest platform’s COUNTER usage reports is available in this Support Center article. Additionally, you can learn more about the Project COUNTER initiative at http://projectcounter.org.

If you have any questions on ProQuest's COUNTER reporting capabilities, please contact ProQuest Technical Support for assistance.