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In today’s complex environment, connecting users with the content they need is more important than ever.

ProQuest has accelerated the delivery of a new feature in OASIS – ProQuest’s search, selection and ordering system for books and video – so librarians can provide their patrons with immediate access to the ebooks they order from Ebook Central.

Now, when an ebook is purchased through OASIS, libraries receive notification from Ebook Central immediately. This notification can be forwarded to the waiting patron or uploaded as part of a library’s discovery workflow. Both ordering and delivery can be completed in minutes, saving both librarians and patrons time and simplifying communication.

“Whether they’re in the library or working remotely, students and faculty expect to get access to the ebooks they need for research, teaching and learning right away,” said Audrey Marcus, Vice President of Product Management and Operations at ProQuest. “Instant access through OASIS helps librarians respond to their patrons’ needs immediately – and makes the experience completely seamless for users.”

Instant access is currently available for all 1.5 million ebooks on the Ebook Central platform. Later in March, OASIS will be adding this feature to its Taylor & Francis publisher-direct platform.

To make sure your library has instant access to Ebook Central titles – and to sign up for instant access to Taylor & Francis ebooks – contact your ProQuest sales representative or email us at

13 Mar 2020

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