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Update: October 2018

ProQuest and the MLA International Bibliography

ProQuest is permitted to sell the MLA International Bibliography database through December 31, 2018, and service subscription agreements through December 31, 2019.

While ProQuest services subscriptions to the MLA International Bibliography throughout 2019, customers will have uninterrupted access to the bibliography on the ProQuest platform including all content updates from the MLA throughout that period.

For discovery, MLA metadata — including regular updates — will continue in Primo until March 28, 2019 and continue in Summon until November 4, 2019.  All MLA metadata will be removed from Primo and Summon on those respective dates. MLA will be available and fully updated on the ProQuest platform through December 31, 2019.


Original Announcement: June 2018

ProQuest is as surprised and disappointed as many of you are to hear the news that the MLA International Bibliography will now be exclusively offered by EBSCO and discoverable solely via EBSCO Discovery Service. ProQuest heard the news today June 26th with the rest of the library community, and we are currently assessing the best way to help our customers work through this transition. Historically the MLA has provided their MLA International Bibliography through several vendor platforms and discovery services, which we believe served libraries, researchers and faculty best by giving them choice. This decision by the MLA will unfortunately limit access and discoverability of this index that is relied upon by the scholarly community for literary study.

26 Jun 2018

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