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The ProQuest knowledgebase is the foundation for our discovery and management solutions. We deliver more value through the most comprehensive and accurate data in the industry, our own proprietary systems, our dedicated staff, and the collaboration with our clients and partners.

Here is a brief summary of 2015 updates across the Summon® index, Ulrich’s data, and our ebooks and e-journal knowledgebase.

Summon® Index in 2015

The Summon index continues to provide the widest spectrum of content, to help facilitate discovery for students, researchers, faculty and librarians. The breadth and depth of the searchable content available through the unified index has always been unmatched within the library industry and continues to be the cornerstone of the discovery experience provided by ProQuest® to users worldwide.

Since the introduction of the Summon® service we have seen unparalleled growth in the index from year to year. Our 2015 efforts culminated in approximately 450,000,000 records being added, representing nearly 28% growth. As you can see within the chart above, 2015 was really no different than previous years, as more content continued to be ingested and made available through Summon. The growth in content added value to researcher’s ability to uncover resources during their research journey, without sacrificing ease of use, relevancy, research integrity, and content neutrality.  

Summon® clients can stay updated on all releases, enhancements and newly indexed content through the Support Center.

Updates in Ulrich’s™ in 2015

Ulrich’s, the world's most authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information for serials, and the most comprehensive source of print and electronic serials data available, continues to expand. Now a part of the ProQuest Knowledgebase, here is a summary of our updates in 2015:

- 403,241 periodicals (increasing 7,693 and 1.95 in 2015)
- 105,742 Active Publishers/Providers (increasing 1,001 and 1.0% in 2015)
- 47,414 Peer-reviewed/refereed titles (increasing 3,427 and 7.8% in 2015)
- 10,476 Open Access titles (increasing 655 and 6.7% in 2015)
- 24,825 e-only titles (increasing 2,043 and 9.0% in 2015)
- 1,680,148 holdings updates in A&I sources in 2015 (increasing 177,135 and 11.8% in 2015)
- 634 A&I packages

Knowledgebase Ebook and E-journal Packages in 2015 

We continued to add to, modify and enrich our serials and ebooks knowledgebase throughout 2015. Like previous years we saw steady growth the number of providers being tracked as well as the availability of new databases. Here is a snapshot of where we ended in 2015:

- 16,807 databases (increasing 1,175 and 7.5%)
- 13,366 full-text databases (increasing 888 and 6.6%)
- 7053 providers (increasing 320 and 4.8%)

Clients can keep up to date with any changes (name changes, platform migrations, title-level URL changes) through the Knowledgebase Notifications page in the Client Center, and access a list of the new full-text databases added.

Clients can also access a list of only e-books databases within the Knowledgebase, a historical list of changes to databases and providers, and lists of all providers and databases in the Knowledgebase through the Support Center.

16 Feb 2016

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