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The breadth and depth of the searchable content available in the Summon® service has always been unmatched within the library industry – and the unified index continues to be the cornerstone of the discovery experience provided by ProQuest® to users worldwide. With the critical core of a library’s collection in a single, unified index, the Summon service is able to deliver results and a user experience focused on ease of use, relevancy, easy customization, research integrity, and more.

Our goal at ProQuest, through the Summon service, is to provide the widest spectrum of content, based on subject matter, to help facilitate discovery for students, researchers, faculty and librarians. We want to deliver solutions that meet users’ needs, and deliver value to the library in the process. This requires leveraging our own proprietary systems, relying upon our dedicated staff, and collaborating with our clients and partners.

ProQuest is dedicated to the growth of the Summon Index to improve the discovery experience at libraries. Our efforts in 2014 culminated in 348,583,469 records being added, representing 16% growth. As the graphic here indicates, Summon has continued to grow at a steady rate, year after year, since its introduction in 2009.

Here are some of the highlights of the industry’s largest index, now at 2.1 billion records, representing over 90 different types of content:

•    33% is comprised of client content from Library Catalogs and Institutional Repositories
    44% is commercial content from Publishers and Aggregation Databases
    23% is Open Access Repositories, Open Websites, Index Databases and Enrichment Sources

This all ties together in the fact that approximately 68% (1,428,661,802) of the records in the Summon Index are from Commercial and Open Access resources that are available for clients to access based on their individual subscriptions – which is in addition to their own content.

Do you work in the library and want to increase the use of your library’s entire collection? Are you a content provider and want your content indexed in Summon? Simply contact an account representative or our content relations team, and we’d be happy to talk to you about improving the discovery experience.

02 Feb 2015

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