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Why Dystopian Stories Like The Handmaid’s Tale Are So Popular

Why are we so drawn to such bleak, harrowing depictions of our future?

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17 Oct 2017

The Monkees Paradox: A T.V. Band That Became Real

Exploring how a subversive ‘60s situation comedy still messes with our heads.

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19 Sep 2017

Roman Holiday: The Debut of a Film and Fashion Icon

Exploring how an unknown Audrey Hepburn inspired “a new feminine ideal” with her first American motion picture.

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31 Aug 2017

Dunkirk: The Real Stories Behind the Drama

The facts behind the summer blockbuster are even more fascinating than the film – and here are some easy ways to find them.

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02 Aug 2017

Researching Black History Month – and Everyday Black History

Professor and author Matt Delmont talks about his digital media project, Black Quotidian, and the “messy” nature of history.

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02 Mar 2017

Bob Dylan – Protest singer, Pop star, Poet or Prophet?

Announcement that the influential musician would be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature resurrected a decades-old debate.

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13 Dec 2016