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Overcoming Subtitles: Valeria Estefanía Dávila Gronros on the Importance of Diversity in Film

ProQuest interviews a MLIS student and scholarship recipient about her bourgeoning career in audiovisual preservation and archiving.

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04 Jan 2021

How Text and Data Mining Enables Digital Literacy in the Classroom

Read about the University of Sydney’s journey to integrate text and data mining (TDM) into its undergraduate courses and incorporate it across disciplines.

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16 Dec 2020

On Making More Voices Heard

How ProQuest aims to support libraries in building diverse, equitable and inclusive collections affordably.

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01 Dec 2020

Where Can I Get Ideas for My Thesis or Dissertation Topic?

Tips for graduate students beginning their advanced research project.

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24 Nov 2020

Editors’ Picks for Faculty…Content for Next Semester's Syllabus

Dolores Huerta documentary, Dr. Jill Biden’s dissertation, artificial intelligence, global health and more.

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19 Nov 2020

An Open Resource for the Study of Black History in the U.S.

Introducing the Black Freedom Struggle website, a selection of primary source documents for teaching and learning about the pursuit of civil rights.

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13 Nov 2020

Preserving Access to Dawson Ebooks

ProQuest supports libraries impacted by the devastating shutdown of the Dawsonera platform.

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12 Nov 2020

‘Partners in the Learning Process’ – Thoughts from a Librarian with a (Nearly) 30-Year Career

“We can expand beyond the walls of our building and extend our reach to become more accessible to students,” says Scott Drone-Silvers.

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05 Nov 2020

Editors’ Picks for Faculty…Videos and Primary Sources for Distance Learning

Stanley Milgram’s “Obedience,” Bessie Coleman, Smallpox, Masculinities Studies and more.

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04 Nov 2020

You Can’t Predict…But You Can Prepare

As the necessity for online resources soars in support of remote and hybrid learning, librarians are feeling the pressure. Help build a library that works for every researcher – even in times of uncertainty.

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29 Oct 2020