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The Basics of Privacy

  • Your data is yours. You own it, you control it.
  • ProQuest does not sell or release data for advertising.
  • We only give data to those entities that process data for us under contract. We vet those entities against our own security and privacy standards.
  • "Opt-in" is our norm. We will ask you to approve the collection and use of your data before doing so.
  • Data we provide to your library is aggregated and depersonalized.
  • You have the right to ask about what we know about you, the right to ask that your information be deleted, and the right to download data you have entered into our systems. Privacy data request.
  • ProQuest privacy policy.
  • All ProQuest products and websites will include links to bring you back to this page at any time. Please return if you have questions.
  • If you have additional questions, submit your request.
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Product-Specific Additions

A few of our systems have some privacy rules that are in addition to those outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Ex Libris products and services currently operate under their own privacy statement. Access their privacy statement, and Trust Center.


  • We use cookies for a few reasons:
    • Allowing our systems to operate properly.
    • Remembering who you are when you return.
    • Providing usage data (depersonalized and only shared in aggregate).
    • Collecting anonymous analytics via Google Analytics.
      • We use the paid version of Google Analytics so Google has no right nor access to the information about how you use ProQuest systems, and does not tie your usage on ProQuest to your Google ID.
  • We don't track your usage outside of ProQuest websites.
  • We have implemented a Cookie Consent Manager that allows you to manage the cookies that we use before, during, and after your time on ProQuest sites.
  • You can always delete your cookies and get a fresh start.
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  • We want to give you ways to find out about our products and services.
  • We only use data that you explicitly give us permission to add to our marketing systems.
  • We don't buy lists from brokers.
  • Occasionally, we buy the right to use a contact list from a conference or other third party that you have opted into – and agreed to have your data released to companies like us.
    • We will only use lists from reputable providers.
  • You can always update your communication preferences, including opting out of marketing communications, using our Preference Center.
  • You will continue to receive operational communications from ProQuest related to the products and services you use or have an account for.
    • These will be notifications about outages, features, and new releases and will not be marketing-related.

Social Networks

  • If you use a social network, either directly or via a link within a ProQuest site, you will be subject to their privacy policy. We have no control over what they do with your information, so please check their privacy policies before using them to share information.
  • ProQuest does not use beacons or other trackback mechanisms to watch you once you leave our sites or products.
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