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ANN ARBOR, MI, January 29, 2014 - “I can highly recommend Pivot as a resource for a Research Support Department at a Higher Education Institution.”

Supporting the researchers and postgraduate students at the University of Pretoria (UP); the Department of Research and Innovation assists research initiatives such as finding funds and research partners from across the globe.

After a trial period of the ProQuest Pivot™ product it received positive feedback from researchers across UP, and they decided to subscribe fully to the product in order to enable the department to further support the students through their funding needs.

Ninette Mouton, Research Grants Manager for the Department of Research and Innovation Support at UP explained that for the researcher and postgraduates, “Pivot offers an easy to use interface that aids us to identify relevant funding opportunities on a broad range of academic disciplines.” She stated that the use of Pivot in the University resulted in “users spending less time trolling databases for funding and more time conducting innovative, cutting-edge research.”

Pivot not only benefits researchers in their quest for additional support, it allows the Department of Research and Innovation to support the users, especially those who are new and emerging, which is a critical aspect for the department.  Mouton specified that Pivot assists them in many ways “apart from a variety of useful reports, Pivot allows the Research Support Department to track and approach active users with support services while the Department can identify and encourage inactive users.”

Pivot has been recognized as a global leader that provides unmatched tools for discovering funding opportunities and supporting collaboration in the research development field. Pivot answers the growing demands on research developers to quickly discover the right funding opportunities and effectively collaborate with their colleagues. Designed for faculty, staff researchers, and graduate students, it's intuitive and easily implemented.

29 January 2014

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