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The British Library delivers access to business and industry, researchers, academics and students across the UK and worldwide. With over six million searches generated by the British Library online catalogue each year, and nearly 400,000 visitors to the reading rooms, the British Library is committed to providing access to their information and incorporating the latest technology... which is why they have chosen to install Syndetic Solutions™.

Syndetic Solutions™ enhances a library’s OPAC by delivering high-quality enriched book, ebook and media content details, as well as reviews and book cover images. Libraries across the world apportion large amounts of their time to maintaining their OPAC systems to ensure they have up-to-date information for their users. The Syndetic Solutions™ implementation removes this necessary job and enables the librarians with time for more important things.

Syndetic Solutions is one of the most popular ways libraries around the world are providing their users with a modern discovery experience. Syndetic Solutions offers more than 40 million unique descriptive data components, powered by Books In Print®, with content for books, CDs, and DVDs that make OPACs and discovery layers richer, more informative and far more useful for library users. With new content added weekly, the flexible and customisable Syndetic Solutions keeps pace with a rapid collection evolution.

Mandy Stewart, Resource Discovery Research and Projects Manager at The British Library, said, “The additional information and book covers that Syndetics provides enhance the British Library catalogue records and give readers useful information about the books themselves. The information is popular with readers, and as new sources of data are added to the records, the discovery experience will continue to be improved.”

Over the last year, enhancements to Syndetic Solutions has included video game content, including game covers, and user ratings, like the Maturity Standard Rating.  In addition, a Facebook App is now available. This Facebook app enables library users to search holdings by simply clicking on the ‘Search the Catalog’ call-out button on the library’s Facebook page.

08 August 2014

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