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Annual Cookbook Publishing Report will track the impact of digital resources on cooks’ preferences in books and other sources of recipe information

PubTrack™ Consumer will launch a comprehensive new research study into the behavior of cookbook buyers, which will enable publishers to make better informed decisions in one the industry’s most dynamic market segments. The PubTrack Consumer Cookbook Publishing Report will determine how, where and why consumers buy cookbooks, digging deep into the impact of the digital transformation on what consumers buy and how they learn about cookbooks and authors. Over time, this annual study will plot trends so that publishers can develop products that fit more precisely to the shifting preferences of their customers. PubTrack is a highly regarded service of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

"Home cooks and food enthusiasts face an exploding number of choices — from new cable and TV programming, to free content online, to ebooks and mobile apps," said Kelly Gallagher, Vice President, Bowker Publishing Services. "It has never been more important to understand the people who buy and read cookbooks as they search for instruction, inspiration, and entertainment. Yet, there's been little comprehensive research into consumer behavior. This study will fill that gap."

The first PubTrack Consumer Cookbook Publishing Report is scheduled to be released in early 2012. In addition to exploring the differences between food enthusiasts, home cooks and those who cook, but don't buy cookbooks, publishers can expect the information gathered to identify where consumers find inspiration and ideas for meal planning and cooking information, such as techniques and recipes. They will also gain insights into the demographics of different groups of consumers and customer behaviors such as shopping frequency, where and when they shop, and what influences their purchases. The influence of free digital content will be explored, along with the importance of brands and celebrities.

The PubTrack Consumer Cookbook Publishing Report is powered by the Bowker PubTrack Consumer service. PubTrack Consumer survey respondents are derived from a nationwide annual panel of 44,000 adult men, women and teens who complete monthly online surveys about their book purchasing behavior. Regularly updated with actionable reports, PubTrack Consumer surveys have proven to be essential to effectively create, market, and sell in today's dynamic book publishing environment.

The PubTrack Consumer Cookbook Publishing Report will be made possible by the support of a select group of leading publishers who are helping to shape the survey and will be granted exclusive early access to the resulting data and analysis. Publishers who wish to participate in this program are urged to contact James Howitt, Director of Publishers Solutions—PubTrack,

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19 December 2011

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