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Serials Solutions is proud to announce a collaborative agreement with the State and University Library one of Denmark’s oldest and largest academic institutions.

June 30, 2010 – Serials Solutions is proud to announce a collaborative agreement with the State and University Library, one of Denmark’s largest and most forward-thinking research libraries. This agreement enables Aarhus’ central research library to enhance resource discovery and improve resource management using Serials Solutions innovative library technologies.

As a result of collaborating with Serials Solutions, the State and University Library, and Aarhus University, libraries will benefit from the groundbreaking technology of the Summon™ web-scale discovery service by enabling more than 37,000 Aarhus students and faculty to search the breadth of the library’s collection—both physical and digital—from a single search box.  The Summon service is powered by a massive single unified index that pre-harvests content from 94,000 journals from 6,800 content providers.  Despite the size of the index, the technology enables sub-second searches and true relevancy ranking across all of this content, delivering unbiased results. 

“As collections become increasingly dominated by e-content, libraries are turning to Serials Solutions for its unique ability to provide comprehensive solutions that enable simple, effective discovery for users and administrative efficiency for library staff,” said John Law, vice president of discovery services, Serials Solutions.  “We are particularly excited about this collaboration agreement with Aarhus, because it extends the close working relationship we’ve had with them since starting the development of Summon. We look forward to exciting results as we continue to innovate together.”

“The collaboration between the Summon team and the State and University Library’s Summa team reflects a shared vision of the value of open systems and integrated search,” said Arne Sørensen, IT director, State and University Library. “The combination of metadata from the Danish national research publication and cultural heritage with the massive amount of data from licensed and open access electronic resources—journal articles, e-books, dissertations, newspapers, databases and more—in a simple, efficient search system will be a major advantage for end-users.  At the same time, the State and University Library and Aarhus University will gain efficient tools for administration of all electronic licenses and management of statistics, which will help us offer our users the digital resources most valuable to them.”

In addition to the Summon web-scale discovery service, the State and University Library and Aarhus University libraries’ staff will further maximize e-resource access and streamline workflow through Serials Solutions’ 360 services. These include:

  • 360 Link, a widely used OpenURL link resolver that enables connection to essential full-text resources
  • 360 Resource Manager, an e-resource management service that allows libraries to streamline workflows and optimize their collections
  • 360 Counter, an e-resource assessment service which delivers cost and usage analysis to help librarians make better decisions
  • 360 Core, a basic service that provides journal-level knowledgebase management and access capabilities

Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, Serials Solutions is a business unit of ProQuest LLC.

30 June 2010

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