09 avril 2024 Blogs

ProQuest One Education is the new “go-to” for research and learning

Content and technology combine to drive student and researcher success in a fast-changing discipline

In a 2024 report, UNESCO sounded an alarm about teacher shortages around the world, critical barriers to achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education. While especially urgent in developing nations, high-income regions like Europe and North America are struggling to recruit and retain qualified educators.

At the same time, education is changing. Nathalie Reid, director of the Child Trauma Research Centre at the University of Regina in Canada, describes a movement past “pre-packaged curriculum.” She told CBC radio, “We've moved towards teaching social skills, emotional regulation, attending to mental health and well-being, critical thinking skills, entrepreneurial or innovative mindset skills that young people need as they move through their lives and as they move into adulthood."

Universities are challenged to not only produce research that continues to advance an important social welfare discipline, but to prepare effective teachers who can fill vacancies and succeed in a continuously evolving field. Academic libraries play a pivotal role in helping the university meet these goals by providing the content and technology needed to engage students and drive research excellence.

Now, libraries can turn to ProQuest, part of Clarivate, for the most comprehensive, discipline-specific resource ever developed for the study of education: ProQuest One Education.

Comprehensive, curated, multi-format content

ProQuest One Education is designed to be a hub for research, teaching and learning – a single destination that users can rely on as their “go-to” resource. It includes the most essential content in the field:

    • Full-text scholarly journals for access to both foundational and evolving research
    • Thousands of videos of teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms so students can observe effective teaching styles
    • A comprehensive ebook collection that enables users to stay up to date on developments in this dynamic field
    • Plus, more than half a million reports, dissertations and news articles that provide a variety of perspectives and data for assignments and scholarly research

This rich content has been curated to deliver what users expect along with content that surprises, engages and inspires.

Intuitive paths drive research and learning success

Finding unexpected inspirations is made possible through an interface that creates instinctive pathways for researchers and students to follow. Content is organized to align with common use cases and tasks, with indexing based on the internationally recognized ERIC thesaurus, the world's largest database of education-related information and the power behind the suggestions ProQuest One Education makes for new areas and content to explore such as Topic Pages, books or videos. The alignment with ERIC, the primary database used by education professionals, provides ease and consistency for researchers of all levels and helps instructors and librarians train students in a tool they will use throughout their careers.

Rebecca Rogers, a master’s student at Aquinas College in the U.S. said,

“It’s really intuitive… looking back at my master’s thesis experience, I feel like many of these pieces would have been so helpful for me as I worked through that process and made sense of it all.”

Specialty pages that anchor researchers and students on topics

Rogers is one of many students, faculty and librarians who worked with ProQuest One Education developers. Among the features they helped hone are Topic Pages, which gather relevant articles, videos, books, dissertations and more on subjects that align with curriculum, theories, theorists and teaching methods. Students and researchers can use the pages for a convenient, all-in-one perspective on a topic, while faculty will find them handy for creating course materials for assignments and discussion.

Farah Elmasri, a master’s student at the University of Toronto in Canada, described the value of the Topic Pages to researchers.

“The topic pages look amazing… You’ve given me an overview of what the topic is. You’ve helped me redirect my thinking. You’re recommending searches within this topic, related searches to topics that align with this. You’re giving me top articles. You’re telling me the years of spiked interest. I feel all of that is very rich.”

“I love the topic pages.”
— University of Cincinnati librarian Katie Foran-Mulcahy

Building on an award-winning formula

ProQuest One Education is the latest addition in the ProQuest One series of academic resources. The series debuted in 2019 with ProQuest One Academic, a multidisciplinary resource that has become a staple in libraries around the world. Discipline-specific resources for Business, Literature and Psychology followed. Every ProQuest One resource has been named a “Best Database” by Library Journal or Choice, and sometimes both. They are consistently lauded for rich content and user-friendly interfaces.

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