28 May 2008 News Releases

Serials Solutions® Announces SUSHI Support through the 360 Counter E-Resource Assessment Service

Serials Solutions has successfully tested and deployed SUSHI, the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative, with its 360 Counter e-resource assessment service. Support for SUSHI in 360 Counter will allow librarians to bypass time-consuming manual data aggregation of usage statistics.

Serials Solutions has successfully tested and deployed SUSHI, the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative, with its 360 Counter e-resource assessment service. Support for SUSHI in 360 Counter will allow librarians to bypass time-consuming,manual data aggregation of usage statistics and to quickly analyze a title’s usage and its cost per-use.

The SUSHI protocol was developed to allow librarians to circumvent the process of downloading, aggregating, and formatting COUNTER-compliant usage reports from vendor websites.Many libraries do not have the staffing to manually retrieve their usage statistics, yet they still need the data to evaluate their e-resource expenditures. SUSHI enables Serials Solutions to retrieve COUNTER reports directly from vendors and upload them to 360 Counter. SUSHI-enhanced 360 Counter means that the customer may go straight to usage analysis and bypass the manual labor.

“Implementing SUSHI brings Serials Solutions one step closer to automating the entire usage assessment process, from acquisition and aggregation of reports to cost-per-click analysis,” says Susan Golden, Product Manager. “Every publisher who implements SUSHI ensures that the library community can do better work, faster and easier.”

From 2009 it is planned that SUSHI implementation will be a requirement for vendors to be compliant with Release 3 of the COUNTER Code of Practice. Serials Solutions has completed this development now to make sure its customers can utilize SUSHI immediately as publishers implement the standard.

Adam Chandler, Coordinator of the Service Design Group at Cornell University and a member of the Project COUNTER Executive Committee is one of the originators of the SUSHI standard. Adam says, “We’re working very diligently with content providers to implement the SUSHI standard. It’s important for vendors to get involved in order to help librarians evaluate their purchase and collection-building decisions. CSV and Excel files only take us so far as containers for transferring usage data. We need to scale up the whole supply chain to support automated transfer of usage data in structured XML.”

The SUSHI protocol support service is a free opt-in upgrade for all 360 Counter subscribers.

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