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What Were the Top Research Trends of 2020?

The most accessed dissertations reflect interest in health, technology, work and education throughout a tumultuous year.

The global COVID-19 pandemic profoundly affected the ways all of us worked, learned and related in 2020. Many of our offices and classrooms were transitioned into our homes and online, and our connections with friends and family went virtually…well, virtual.

These issues and concerns also impacted the kinds of topics that interested students and researchers around the world. In looking at ProQuest’s most accessed dissertations and theses in 2020, we weren’t surprised to see most of the titles related to education, leadership, organizational management, technology and health care– or some combination thereof.

The top-most accessed title was Social Media and Self-Evaluation: The Examination of Social Media Use on Identity, Social Comparison, and Self-Esteem in Young Female Adults by Dr. Michelle Solomon (William James College). Given the increased amount of time spent on our devices and the reduction in person-to-person interaction over the past year, the influence of social media was more powerful than ever in our lives. Solomon’s study explores how engaging on these platforms impacts the ways we think about ourselves and others.

The second-most accessed title was Student Retention at the Community College: Meeting Students' Needs by Dr. Jill Jacobs-Biden (University of Delaware), US First Lady Elect. Along with concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on community colleges, curiosity about Dr. Biden’s research was likely stoked by viral backlash to a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed that criticized her use of the honorific.

Below is the complete list of most access doctoral dissertations from 2020. We suspect many of them will continue to be relevant in research and learning into this year.

1) Social Media and Self-Evaluation: The Examination of Social Media Use on Identity, Social Comparison, and Self-Esteem in Young Female Adults

Author: Solomon, Michelle 

Subject: Clinical Psychology 

Pubno: 10188962 


2) Student Retention at the Community College: Meeting students' needs

Author: Jacobs-Biden, Jill

Subject: Community college education

Pubno: 3247570


3) Why Did You Stay?: A Case Study of Male Student Persistence in Technical College

Author: Froehlich-Mueller, Kerry

Subject: Community college education

Pubno: 10680855


4) A Correlational Study on Interactive Technology Use and Student Persistence In eLearning Classes at an Online University

Author: Edwards, Carol T.

Subject: Information Technology

Pubno: 10641768


5) Leadership Style and Leadership Education: A Phenomenological Study of Nurse Leader and Frontline Charge Nurse Perceptions of Leadership Style and Leadership Education in Hospitals

Author: Smith, Candace S.

Subject: Educational Philosophy

Pubno: 10690015


6) How High School Students' Perceptions of Their Teacher-Student Relationships Relate to Their Academic Achievement

Author: Short, Lori A.

Subject: Secondary Education

Pubno: 10638662


7) Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction at a Fast Food Hamburger Chain: The Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Author: Kabir, Jahangir M.

Subject: Business Administration

Pubno: 10169573


8) Organizational Change Readiness: Effects of Organizational Structure and Leadership Communication in Organizational Change

Author: Krishnan, Rajesh R.

Subject: Management

Pubno: 10791024


9) Factors that Influence Successful Organizational Change in Corporations: Examination of Change Management, Employees' Reaction to Change, and Change Outcomes

Author: Roberts, Augustus Dee

Subject: Management

Pubno: 10746805


10) Content Analysis of the Theory Base Used in the Conference Proceedings of the Association of Educational Communications and Technologies

Author: Flynt, Peggy R.

Subject: Education

Pubno: 10635947


11) Social Media and the College Student Journey: An Examination of How Social Media Use Impacts Social Capital and Affects College Choice, Access, and Transition

Author: Horvath-Plyman, Melissa

Subject: Communication

Pubno: 10937367


12) Rage and Social Media: The Effect of Social Media on Perceptions of Racism, Stress Appraisal, and Anger Expression Among Young African American Adults

Author: Maxwell, Morgan Lindsey 

Subject: Social Psychology

Pubno: 10120165


13) The Effects of Watson's Theory of Human Caring on the Nurse Perception and Utilization of Caring Attributes and the Impact on Nurse Communication

Author: McMillan, Mary Owens 

Subject: Nursing

Pubno: 10274624


14) Organizational Behavior: Perceptions Analysis of Micro and Macro Organizational Behavior in an Organizational Setting

Author: Delich, Joshua T. 

Subject: Organizational Behavior

Pubno: 10075919


15) Blended Technology Rich Instruction Verses Blended Computer Managed Instruction in 8th Grade Digital Literacy Instruction

Author: Puccetti, Gregory Peter 

Subject: Educational Technology

Pubno: 10149966


16) Application of Jean Watson's Theory of Transpersonal Caring in Nurses Practicing in a Pain Center

Author: Hubert, Patricia Malone 

Subject: Nursing

Pubno: 10933489


17) A Quantitative Study of Grit as a Predictor of Online Course Success at a Suburban Michigan Community College

Author: Climer, Steven L. 

Subject: Higher Education

Pubno: 10682242


18) The K-12 Service-Learning Standards and Fourth Grade Students' Math Achievement: A Quasi-Experimental Study in Georgia

Author: Clark, Tanner 

Subject: Elementary Education

Pubno: 10743197


19) Managing Marketing Mix and Communications in a Digital Era: The Role of Traditional and New Media in a Multichannel Environment

Author: Kumar, Ashish 

Subject: Marketing

Pubno: 3541126


20) A Study of the Relationship Between Skill Variety and High Internal Work Motivation, Task Identity and High Internal Work Motivation, Task Significance and High Internal Work Motivation, Autonomy and High Internal Work Motivation, and Intrinsic Job Feedback and High Internal Work Motivation in the Manufacturing arena

Author: Robbins, Jay Thomas 

Subject: Management

Pubno: 9968179


21) An Assessment of Dropout Rates of Former Youth Ministry Participants in Conservative Southern Baptist Megachurches

Author: Shields, James Brandon 

Subject: Social Sciences Education

Pubno: 3356773


22) Cognitive Effects on the Neurophysiology and Biomechanics of Stroke Recovery

Author: Diamond, Solomon Gilbert 

Subject: Biomedical Engineering

Pubno: 3117980


23) Exploring Online Community Among Rural Medical Education Students: A Case Study

Author: Palmer, Ryan Tyler 

Subject: Health Education

Pubno: 3594744


24) A Quantitative Study of the Relationship between Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Violence Training to Reduce Stress and Attrition

Author: Tucker, Angela 

Subject: Teacher Education

Pubno: 10746978


25) Implications of a Social Media Course for Adolescent Social Media Usage

Author: Johnson, Nneka A. 

Subject: Education

Pubno: 10261934


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