12 February 2021 Blogs, acadêmico, Faculdades Comunitárias, K-12

New: ProQuest Content Now Integrates Directly with Your Learning Management System

Getting ProQuest materials to students for their courses and classes is now easier than ever.

By Katie Birch, Vice President of Product Management, ProQuest

There’s now an easier way for higher-education faculty and K-12 teachers to use library content in their course curriculum. ProQuest is proud to announce new integration capabilities between the ProQuest platform and learning management systems (LMS), including Canvas and Moodle (with more to come).

This enhancement is another major step in ProQuest’s mission toward improving discoverability, simplifying access for distance learning, and helping more users access their library’s subscribed content.

Now, instructors can seamlessly link to their institution’s ProQuest content from within their LMS and without leaving their course environment. Students get direct access to the content without having to separately authenticate into ProQuest. This is especially useful for remote teaching and learning, when students aren’t on campus and can’t easily connect to the school’s subscription databases.

“Integrating ProQuest into our Canvas environment has been a help with streamlining access, especially in this time of remote teaching and learning,” said Melissa Daggett from the Howard County Public School System. “Right now, Canvas is the primary driver of instruction, and being able to embed our ProQuest content directly into course materials makes it easier for students to access vetted reading material and activities.”

Today, it’s critically important that students not only get easy access to content, but that their content comes from reliable, vetted sources like ProQuest. LMS integration is yet another way academic and school libraries can support the research, teaching and learning workflow for their institutions. With this enhancement, the ProQuest Platform is now certified to meet the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s current v. 1.3 standard for learning tools interoperability (LTI).

This enhancement is the latest step in ProQuest’s ongoing mission to make content easier to find and access. Other recent enhancements include simplifying end-user workflow by putting the platform where they expect it – at ProQuest.com – as well as streamlining the discoverability of subscription and open-access content.

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