04 August 2020 Blogs, acadêmico, biblioteca pública, Faculdades Comunitárias, K-12

“Go to ProQuest”: ProQuest.com Becomes a New Starting Point for Research

Updating the ProQuest URL may seem like a small change – but for our users, it will have a big impact. Here’s why

By Chris Burghardt, Vice President of Product Management, ProQuest

Today, ProQuest is excited to announce the next step in our journey to make content easier to find and access: ProQuest.com is now the home of the ProQuest search platform.

This URL update may seem like a small change, but for our users, it will have a big impact to getting started on their research. Here’s why.

After analyzing years of user behavior, it became clear that a large percentage of the students and faculty came to ProQuest.com looking to do research. What they found instead was our company homepage with information on ProQuest products, services and news.

Earlier this year, we added a search box to the company homepage, which validated our assumptions that users we coming to ProQuest.com to start their research. Starting today, we have further simplified the end-user workflow by putting the platform where they expect it: at ProQuest.com.

No changes are required for librarians or their users – search.proquest.com links will continue to function as always, and all bookmarks will operate normally.

With its easy-to-remember URL, librarians can tell their students and faculty to simply "Go to ProQuest” or “go to ProQuest.com” to access the library's ProQuest content. If users are authenticated, they’ll be able to get to the library’s ProQuest resources right away. If not, they can search and preview content and will be prompted to authenticate through their institution. Open access content will be available to everyone directly from ProQuest.com.

And if you’re looking for information about ProQuest or our products, you can visit the corporate site at its new home: about.proquest.com. Any bookmarks pointing to product or company information pages on proquest.com will automatically redirect.

This is the latest in a series of enhancements we announced in June to make ProQuest platform content more accessible to users and to help libraries expose their library’s valuable collections to the broadest possible audience.

If you have any questions about this update, visit our support page for a comprehensive Q&A.