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Which Ebooks Are Getting the Most Buzz?

New Altmetric badge gives Academic Complete users a snapshot of today’s most-relevant titles.

New Altmetric badge gives Academic Complete users a snapshot of today’s most-relevant titles

Thousands of scholarly conversations happen online every day – and now, there’s a new way for researchers to identify the industry’s most-talked-about sources.

The Altmetric Badge creates a single, visually engaging snapshot of the online activity surrounding each book title – in other words, an engagement “score.” This new feature is now available to Academic Complete customers, expanding the Syndetics Unbound enrichments already available to users. The badge appears on each title’s book detail page in Ebook Central.

How the Altmetric score is calculated for ebooks:

Altmetric tracks sources like news outlets, academic blogs, social media channels, post-publication peer review sources and reference managers.
The score raises as more people mention the ebook. Only one mention from each person is counted to avoid skewed results.
Each category of media contributes to the base score. Newspaper article contributions are weighted more than blogs.
Altmetric looks for bias and frequency of authorship. For example, professionals sharing a book with each other is weighted more heavily than a blog post.

The result? A quick, easy way for researchers to find sources that are current, important and relevant to their research, and to see what’s trending even before reviews are available.

If you subscribe to Academic Complete or the Syndetics Unbound catalog enrichment service, you’ll have automatic access to Altmetric. It joins several other Syndetics Unbound enhancements in Academic Complete, including reader reviews, author bios, awards, tags and “you may also like” recommendations.

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