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Cookies, Consent, and Policies: Your Privacy at ProQuest

Our customers trust us to safeguard their and their users’ data, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Privacy is at the core of librarianship. Our customers trust us to safeguard their and their users’ data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. After more than a year’s worth of work to define, reinforce and improve ProQuest’s approach to privacy, I’m thrilled to provide an update on what changes we’ve made to improve our privacy practices.

The new ProQuest Privacy Home

The site explains, in straightforward language, many of the guiding principles of how ProQuest handles and uses your data. We also cover topics like cookies, marketing communications, and how your interaction with social media can affect your privacy. You can see the new ProQuest Privacy Home here.

New privacy and cookie policies

ProQuest has updated our official privacy statement https://www.proquest.com/go/privacy and cookie statement https://www.proquest.com/go/cookies to reflect the current and future principles you can expect when you use our services. The intent of the policy changes is captured on Privacy Home, and there are links to the detailed privacy and cookies statements there as well, along with other primary source documents.

Explicit privacy consent

Over the next few months, when logging into their products, ProQuest users will receive information about how personal information is collected, used and shared, and then will be asked to confirm that they agree with the privacy terms and conditions. This requirement is both to ensure that users are presented with the information needed to make an informed decision about their personal information and be given the chance to agree to it.

Manage cookies

In simple terms, cookies are data that a website can use to store information within a user's browser. Today, we’re starting to implement a new way for users to manage cookies that are issued, stored and used by ProQuest services. An industry-leading solution from TrustArc will let users get information about, approve, and manage or block cookies that are installed in their browser by ProQuest when they visit one of our sites or systems.

...and a new privacy request form

Data about an individual user belongs to that person, not to ProQuest. Starting in May, ProQuest users will have the option to exercise new options regarding their personal information, including to download data, request or delete info collected about them, and opt-out. The Privacy Request Form will be available from ProQuest Privacy Home in May, along with a more detailed blog post about how these actions can be requested.

Privacy is a community responsibility

In addition to what we’re doing to protect you, we encourage you to educate yourself and your patrons, and follow best practices to protect yourself and your library. If you have concerns or comments about our privacy policy or other privacy practices, we’re here to help. Rest assured, ProQuest will continue to be advocates for your privacy and that of all our users.

Contact us by submitting a Private Data Request, or watch for upcoming blog posts where we’ll share tips and hints that you can put to work for you and your users.

And finally…don’t forget to “opt in” to ProQuest communications! Visit our Preference Center to ensure you receive newsletters, invitations, and special promotions. Come back at any time if your information needs change.