15 April 2014 Blogs, acadêmico, Faculdades Comunitárias

ProQuest and J.P. Morgan team up to give students and researchers the best in business analysis

Anyone who needs complete in-depth market research and company analysis will find J.P. Morgan Research useful

ProQuest is proud to offer its complete coverage of market research and company analysis via J.P. Morgan Research. This exclusive information, derived from Morgan Markets, offers key clients and investors specific business information and news like analyst reports, scholarship details, and industry reports. 

Why do library users, business faculty, and librarians need J.P. Morgan Research? Let's take a look at their profiles to understand their needs best:

MBA Student/Business Faculty
An increasing emphasis on action-based learning means that MBA students are now expected to thoroughly research a company or industry multiple times each term to complete consulting assignments and capstone projects. They also need reliable, in-depth company information to prepare for job interviews and to train for professional life.

MBA students and faculty currently have only two options for conducting this research:

    1. Gather snippets of information from multiple web sources.
    2. Use a specialist resource or database containing analyst reports.

Both of these options can be very time-consuming, given students and faculty have to check reliability so they don't give an outdated or incomplete picture of the company. Additionally, the specialist platforms can be difficult to use, and may not deliver complete content sets from providers, leaving gaps in coverage.

ProQuest's solution: J.P. Morgan Research
J.P. Morgan is the market leader in business analysis, and is consistently ranked #1 in the industry by Institutional Investor. ProQuest's new product, J.P. Morgan Research, provides access to all 3,400 reports created for their corporate customers by 800 expert research analysts. This gives users the confidence that that everything they need is available, with no gaps in coverage, and just a seven-day embargo.

Business Librarian
MBA students and business faculty need access to authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date company information and analysis. Current providers often focus on the corporate market, meaning they:

    • Don’t meet academic library needs (e.g., usage reports, authentication)
    • Can be very expensive
    • Require a significant amount of training time, due to their interfaces
    • Are difficult to find - Not always integrated with overall discovery systems

ProQuest's solution: J.P. Morgan Research
J.P. Morgan Research offers must-have analyst reports. Librarians can be confident that they are providing comprehensive coverage of the same information, created for corporate customers by the firm's 800 expert research analysts. This content also lives on the simple and familiar ProQuest platform - and it's available remotely, unlike some of our competition. And J.P. Morgan Research meets academic library requirements (COUNTER usage reporting, etc).

Conclusion: J.P. Morgan Research allows MBA students, faculty and business librarians to gain a more thorough, current, and reliable understanding of a given company or industry - quickly and easily.