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Collection usage analysis tool
View total P & E holdings
Quantitative and qualitative analysis

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How can you quantify, in a meaningful way, the value your library delivers to your community? Intota™ Assessment provides the total picture of holdings, usage, and overlap across your entire collection, for both monographs and serials, in both print and electronic formats. This view into the value of your library is based on real data – a holistic assessment that can include return on investment, which is increasingly important in times of shrinking acquisition budget.

You can turn to Intota™ Assessment for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is supported by authoritative Books in Print®, Ulrich’s™, and the ProQuest knowledgebase, and automates ingestion of library data including COUNTER reports.

Use its robust suite of business intelligence tools to help you make informed decisions regarding collection development. Innovative views and metrics of your collection empower your staff to focus on delivering higher value services to patrons.

Key Facts

  • Quantify institutional value of the library
  • View holdings, usage, and overlap across all formats
  • Make data-based acquire/renew/cancel decisions
  • Apply evidence to streamline weeding projects
  • Output reports and metrics on holdings and usage

Simplify Collection Maintenance

Incorporate resource data from authoritative industry references; maximize your new acquisition budget spend through usage evidence; and determine the titles best suited for deselection with innovative evidence-based “smart” weeding.

Calculate ROI

Perform overlap analysis across electronic and print formats, and support acquire/renew/cancel recommendations with evidence. Streamline inter-library collaboration with consortial collection development and peer-analysis tools.

Showcase the Library’s Value

Access a consolidated view of holdings, usage, and overlap across all formats, output collection-data reports, and interoperate with accreditation organizations. Extract metrics that can contribute to student outcome reporting.

Streamline Migration Projects

Assess your collection before migrating to other systems and focus on the resources that actually get used. Save time by trimming down migration-prospect titles, then save money by migrating only the titles that you want to keep.


Ulrichsweb™ helps librarians and patrons avoid the frustration and time-consuming process of gathering serials information in bits and pieces from multiple sources.

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Intota -Discovery, Management and Assessment for a Transformed Library.

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Books in Print

Books In Print® is the leading bibliographic database for libraries, publishers and retailers around the world. From the enriched metadata that is supplies by publishers, Books In Print provides a valuable resource for Libraries in the process of making smart collection development and purchasing decisions Books In Print helps you search the marketplace, find the right title and explore all known formats options.

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Resources for College Libraries™

Resources for College Libraries™ is the premier list of core print and electronic resources for academic libraries, featuring nearly 85,000 titles in 117 subjects. Brought to you by ACRL's Choice® and ProQuest. Intota™ Assessment allows you to analyze all your print and electronic through quickly comparing your library’s holdings against print and ebook titles from Resources for College Libraries™.

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