Authoritative, multiformat content on an interface designed for the discipline

Education is an ever-evolving field of study, and students and researchers need simpler paths to complete assignments and find information to support their research—whether investigating the viability of research topics, or identifying relevant literature to address their research questions.

ProQuest One Education brings together the content needed for study and research of education onto an intuitive and user-friendly interface created specifically for the discipline.

Authoritative content has been carefully curated to meet the needs of different types of users including students, researchers, and faculty and comprises a huge collection of thousands of scholarly journals, books, videos, reports, dissertations, news articles and more.

The unique interface has been specially created for the needs of those researching and teaching in Education. It is organized and structured to align with common areas of research and study, with content grouped together in a way that is intuitive and logical to those in the discipline.

ProQuest One Education is the only multi-format full-text education solution which indexes all included content with the ERIC thesaurus, the recognized authority for searching Education literature. This provides ease and consistency for researchers of all levels, helping instructors and librarians train students in an essential tool.

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An Education-Specific User Experience

ProQuest One Education is built on a new intuitive user experience designed specifically for the discipline. The interface guides students and researchers through concepts and ideas with an easy-to-navigate intuitive structure and browse-friendly visuals, getting them to the rich variety of curated content they need to complete their research tasks and assignments more quickly.

Topic Pages bring together a curated selection of relevant articles, videos, books, dissertations and more, to provide students and researchers with a convenient, all-in-one perspective on a topic and help faculty create course materials for assignments and discussion.

Authoritative Multi-format Content

ProQuest One Education supports the diverse requirements of education users of different levels by bringing together the content they need across multiple format types all in one place. The content is rigorously selected to ensure a high quality, authoritative collection that can be trusted for serious research and study.

The carefully chosen content includes scholarly journals, books, videos, reports, dissertations, news articles and more brought together into a trusted and high-quality collection for serious research and study.

See What’s In ProQuest One Education


See What’s In ProQuest One Education

The content needed to support study, teaching, and research in the discipline. See what’s in ProQuest One Education here.

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Who is using ProQuest One Education?

An undergraduate student taking an introductory research class

She has to suggest an unstudied research topic, explore past methods used, and consider already studied populations.

She get ideas from the ‘trending topics” on the homepage, then views the relevant Topic Page. After refining her search she use the research methodology and population researched facets to identify new groups or methods to use.

A Professor preparing for a class on early childhood literacy

He wants to find videos showing different ways of reading to a nursery school classroom.

He accesses the Early Literacy Development Topic Page and clicks on the video card. He selects a videos and also clicks on ‘view all’, then goes to advanced search and choose ‘emergent literacy’ from the ERIC thesaurus and choose ‘video’ as the source type.

A Graduate Student with a focus on policy

She needs to trace the history of a policy and discuss its impact and effectiveness.

She browse the policy Topic Pages to pick a suitable policy and then clicks on the Reports card to understand its implementation. She can then see its impact and reception in news and magazine articles over time and its effectiveness in scholarly journals and dissertations.

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