14 mai 2024 Blogs

What will be the future state of libraries in an AI-powered world?

A new survey from Clarivate needs your input to answer that question

Since 1938, ProQuest, part of Clarivate, has been helping libraries navigate change in new environments. Together with our library partners, we have witnessed, weathered and thrived throughout profound changes to the information industry – vast technological disruptions that have forever altered the way we research, teach and learn.

Going with or against the AI wave?

We are in the midst of yet another sea change – this one powered by AI. It comes as our community is finding its way through a raft of other challenges: mis- and disinformation, open access and changing expectations of higher education... to name a few.

How are these changes and challenges impacting your library today, and how will they shape the library of tomorrow?

Engaging with librarians, exploring the path forward

This month, librarians around the world are receiving a survey from Clarivate that explores these questions. The survey delves into the way librarians perceive and are responding to our changing world. What are the opportunities and the threats? What are the paths forward in a new era?

Our goal is to create a comprehensive report of the state of the global library community – academic, national and public libraries – on the cusp of great change.

Your voice matters

Your voice is important, and we hope you will participate. If you have not received your survey via email, you can take it here. Completing the survey automatically enrolls you to receive the final report.

Thanks in advance for sharing your views and experiences as we once again chart new territory.