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ProQuest One Psychology: More of the content types users need, organized for research and learning success

Designed in collaboration with librarians, faculty and practitioners, this multiformat resource has an all-new approach to supporting this popular and growing discipline

The mental health crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented demandi for mental health services globally, and the gap between need and access continues to widen due to a shortage of practitionersii. Universities are positioned to contribute to knowledge in the field, and help to fill the practitioner pipeline, as enrollments in psychology and counseling programs continue to riseiii.

Libraries play a key role in ensuring student success in learning and career preparation by providing access to authoritative content. Likewise, university researchers rely on the library for access to content that can inspire breakthroughs. The challenge is in supporting the broad variety of needs of psychology programs, from introductory courses, popular among non-majors filling their general educations requirements, to intensive research that advances the discipline.

ProQuest, part of Clarivate, is helping academic libraries address these wide-ranging needs with ProQuest One Psychology, the most comprehensive, multiformat library resource created for psychology and counseling.

A new approach to the design of library psychology resources

ProQuest One Psychology employs a new approach to the design of the library’s psychology resources. It curates the most valuable content – no matter the format – in one place and organizes it to match the way psychology students and researchers approach their work. The result is what Amanda Dykema-Engblade, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology at Northeastern Illinois University, describes as a “an intuitive solution for the discipline, accessible on one platform with one-stop access to articles, books and videos.”

Carefully selected content in multiple formats

ProQuest One Psychology brings together scholarly journals, therapy videos and counseling transcripts, with articles, news and ebooks covering psychological conditions, therapy, research concepts, tools for measurement and more in a single destination. Karin L. Heffernan, Research & Learning Librarian and Associate Professor at Southern New Hampshire University says it’s “a friendly dashboard of psychology content for a new researcher, yet a deeper look reveals the depth of resources to satisfy advanced scholars.”

For students, its comprehensive range of authoritative content supports different learning styles and enriches information literacy by introducing more challenging content, like scholarly journal articles, alongside more accessible content like videos.

An interface designed specifically for the discipline

Helping users get to the most useful and relevant content in ProQuest One Psychology is accomplished through an intuitive interface designed for the discipline in collaboration with librarians, faculty and practitioners to support research and learning success.

Content is organized to align with how psychology students and researchers approach common assignments and questions, allowing users to find the best information faster, and explore topics more deeply. Novice researchers will find context and jumping off points for assignments in ProQuest One Psychology’s Topic Pages, which provide a one-stop view of a topic by combining top-level overview with access to editor-selected articles, videos, books and more.

ProQuest One Psychology customers who also subscribe to the American Psychological Association (APA) databases via ProQuest will have a seamless experience right out of the box with content from their subscribed APA databases integrated into ProQuest One Psychology.

The combined value of respected APA databases with the curated, multi-format content in ProQuest One Psychology offers a single, essential solution to serve scholarship and learning in the discipline.

Your one-stop shop for psychology teaching, research and learning. Request your trial and explore pricing here.

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