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New ‘LibLists’ leverages the strength of library collaboration

ProQuest, part of Clarivate, enables librarians to share their collection curation expertise with peers

In the library community, collaboration goes beyond the walls of a single institution. Collaboration helps libraries stay current by enabling the sharing of knowledge of new technologies and trends. By working together, library professionals, patrons and stakeholders can harness the power of collective efforts to spark innovative approaches to solve challenges and improve services.

Harnessing and sharing librarians’ collection curation expertise

Now, ProQuest, part of Clarivate, has created a new platform for this creative thinking and problem solving with LibLists (short for Library Lists). LibLists are designed to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge and amplify diverse perspectives in the library community by sharing the collection development expertise of academic librarians.

LibLists are book title lists developed by librarians with specialized expertise. The lists enable other librarians without the same expertise to confidently create collections in emerging or niche areas.

A LibList that supports expanded access and advances student achievement

The debut LibList was developed by Maria King, Subject Librarian in the School of Health and Social Care Information Services at Edinburgh Napier University. King’s list titled Inclusivity in Healthcare tackles the important issue of ensuring students and researchers studying nursing, midwifery, allied health (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work), healthcare management, public health and related studies have access to materials to help them care for all individuals, regardless of their background, identity, or characteristics. King’s LibList enables libraries to build collections that support more equitable access to healthcare services, resources and opportunities.

King’s interest in inclusive teaching practices led her to create the Inclusivity in Healthcare LibList. She has a deep interest in supporting students who are neurodivergent – those whose learning processes are different than what is considered “typical,” making King’s LibList an important resource for libraries.

King’s background in training other teaching staff to help them improve their own practices for supporting neurodivergent students has honed her expertise. She is also neurodivergent so she brings a lived experience to this area.

King’s additional expertise in punk pedagogy has also influenced the development of her Inclusivity in Healthcare LibList. Punk pedagogy focuses on questioning and challenging dominant discourses in teaching and learning. King notes that punk pedagogy increases opportunities for engagement in learning, encourages students’ ownership of their learning and challenges practices of librarianship that diminish under-represented voices and groups.

At just over 50 titles, King’s highly focused list has something for any library with a health sciences or medical program.

Explore Inclusivity in Healthcare LibList by logging into LibCentral, OASIS and Rialto. Look for the Curated Topics Section and the list titled “LibList: Inclusivity in Healthcare.”

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