For Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East, Africa and India

  • Personal Holiday Reimbursement
    As part of the benefits package, for international ProQuest permanent employees reimbursement is available for individual personal travel.
  • Volunteering in our Communities
    ProQuest is pleased to offer this benefit to all employees in support of this commitment to volunteerism. The benefit helps employees avoid losing pay when giving back to the community conflicts with work time.
  • Educational Assistance Program
    This program provides financial assistance for education, supporting our team’s continued growth and professional development. Learn more about how we empower our people.
  • Global Assistance Program
    The company offers an Employee Assistance Program which is available to you and your immediate family. This provides a 24/7 counselling line as well as face-to-face counselling and can help with issues relating to:
    • Wellness
    • Relationships
    • Work & Education
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Lifestyle
    • Property & Motoring