The hub for education students and scholars

The most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for researching, teaching and studying education

Prepare education students for successful careers and drive research excellence in a dynamic discipline with ProQuest One Education, the latest addition in the award-winning ProQuest One series of academic resources.

ProQuest One Education is the destination that users will rely on as their “go-to” resource.

More than half a million sources of vetted, authoritative content are organized in an interface that propels discovery and helps users work more efficiently. Instinctive pathways are aligned with common use cases and enable users to navigate:

    • Full-text scholarly journals for access to both foundational and evolving research
    • Thousands of videos of teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms so students can observe effective teaching styles
    • A massive ebook collection that enables users to stay up to date on developments in this dynamic field
    • Plus, a wealth of reports, dissertations and news articles that provide perspectives and data for assignments and scholarly research

With indexing based on the internationally recognized ERIC thesaurus, ProQuest One Education introduces students to this essential tool as it guides them to new areas and content to explore like topic pages, books and videos.

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