21 March 2018 Blogs

Play Ball! Resources for Using Baseball in the Classroom

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Major League Baseball’s spring training is winding down which means Opening Day is right around the corner. Chances are many of your students are eagerly waiting for that first pitch to be thrown, so why not take this opportunity to incorporate baseball-themed lesson plans into your curriculum? America’s national pastime can provide a framework for teaching students a variety of concepts in history, social studies, math, and science. Here are some ideas to bring the baseball diamond into the classroom: 1. Baseball and History: Have your students research how baseball has reflected the times it was played in. The Great Depression, World War II, and the civil rights movement all had an impact on the game as shown in the examples provided on the PBS Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns website. Students can use eLibrary for historical background information on players like Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams. 2. Baseball and Other Cultures: While baseball is considered America’s pastime, it is also played in many other countries and is a popular sport around the world. Have your students use CultureGrams to research which other countries play baseball. 3. Baseball and Current Events: SIRS Issues Researcher has a number of Leading Issues on Sports. Your students can research various topics such as athletes' pay, controversial mascots, and doping in sports. 4. Baseball: A Game of Numbers and Science: From batting average to earned run average, baseball is a game of statistics. This lesson plan from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics asks students to connect various mathematical concepts to the game of baseball. Students can explore exit velocity, pitch speed, and home run distance in this Physics of Baseball lesson. Let us know if you will "take your students out to the ballgame"! Tweet us at #ProQuest. Free trials are available.