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Researchers at all levels can explore events via vast collections spanning time and subject areas, from slave trade to modern times. Primary sources, including records, personal accounts, and historical black newspapers offer unique views from the men, women, and even children who waged one of the most inspiring social movements in American history.

Detailed coverage in The Black Studies Center and many other resources allows for deeper exploration of topics related to the arts, history, literature, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, and more on a global scale.

In addition to The Black Studies Center, featured databases include ProQuest History Vault, Black Abolitionist Papers, ProQuest Civil War, and African American Poetry. And, researchers can go even deeper via ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations for legislative research as well as via African American Heritage for genealogical research. Plus, coverage includes ebook collections for Black History Month, Booker T. Washington Papers, and more. 

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Featured Resources

Explore topics in Black Studies across subject areas from slavery to modern times.

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Black Studies Center

The resource you've been waiting for -- a digital core collection of primary and secondary sources that record and illuminate the Black experiernce.

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ProQuest History Vault

Black and Women’s Studies, Immigration, Military and Diplomatic History, and more.

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