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Library services platform
ERM & collection assessment
Integrated discovery and linking

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Intota is a library services platform designed to address key needs of today’s libraries – managing electronic collections and supporting the expectations of modern patrons. Intota combines industry-leading discovery, linking, collection management and assessment in one system built on a comprehensive knowledgebase. With Intota, ProQuest delivers transformative workflows that fundamentally change how libraries service their users.

“My Intota” Streamlines Library Management Workflows

Day-to-day library collection management activities for academic librarians using ProQuest Intota™ now benefit from a new workflow feature called My Intota.

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ProQuest Announces Intota Assessment Customers

University libraries around the world will be implementing a new best in class collection analytics service from ProQuest.

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CLIC Selects ProQuest Intota Library Services Platform as its Next Shared System

Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLIC) of St. Paul, Minnesota, is the first academic library consortium to subscribe to ProQuest’s cloud-based library services platform, Intota™.

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Transform your Library

Intota gives your library an opportunity to transform and grow rather than adopt an entirely new system that is built around old paradigms that don’t address the needs you have today.

Easily Showcase Collection Value

Easily calculate ROI and showcase collection value with usage assessment of monographs and serials in both digital and print.


Integrated and Interoperable Tools

Intota provides market leading discovery, assessment, and management solutions for your collection in a single package that integrates with your existing system.

Improve ROI

Offer an intuitive, easy, and compelling starting point for library research and increase usage of your library resources.

Connect with Users

Scale your services and connect with more users and provide fast and easy access to resources they expect.

Automate Workflows to Support DDA

Intota offers advanced automated support in discovery, management and assessment for Demand-driven Acquisitions and evidence based acquisitions models.

Streamline Acquisitions and Licensing Workflows

Intota builds on the solid foundation of 360 Resource Manager to make your acquisitions and licensing workflows for electronic resources simple, easy, and  fully integrated with your discovery layer.

The Summon Service

With The Summon Service - Intota delivers an unprecedented discovery experience that enables easy, efficient, and unbiased access to a library’s collection, while instilling user confidence and trust in the library for all types of users.

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Intota Assessment

Intota offers a fresh new approach to collection assessment - both print and electronic.  It includes quantitative and qualitative analysis that enables you to make accurate collection development decisions based on real evidence –maximizing budgets and raising the profile of the your library to key stakeholders.

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360 Link

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With 360 Link  - Intota quickly and easily connects users to full-text articles and chapters in your library’s collection. Whether a user begins searching in a web-search engine such as Google Scholar, an OpenURL-enabled resource, a citation database, discovery service, or scholarly blog, 360 Link can help ensure their research needs are met.

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360 Resource Manager

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360 Resource Manager is a complete solution integrated with an authoritative knowledgebase, to reduce the time and effort required to manage the entire lifecycle of e-resources.

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Intota® Assessment

Provides the total picture of holdings, usage, and overlap for both monographs and serials, in both print and electronic formats. Manage collections and quantify library value based on real data.

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Summon® increases the value of your library by delivering an unprecedented research experience. This unique service increases resource usage, connects users with librarians, provides the easiest and most efficient way for users to discover your collection.

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360 Link

360 Link provides the best and easiest access to full-text content. Whether searching in a discovery service or another resource, 360 Link will meet a user’s research needs and instill confidence with its superior linking and simplicity.

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