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On microfilm, accompanied by detailed indexes, most available separately.


". . . the last major untapped reservoir of primary materials available to the scholar of nineteenth century publishing."
W.E. Fredeman

Almost a million pages of correspondence with authors and internal records concentrated in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A major primary resource for bibliographers, literary scholars, economic and social historians and all researchers interested in the history of printing, book illustration and design.

Archives of George Allen & Company 1893-1915
Originally founded in 1870 by John Ruskin with George Allen as his assistant, George Allen & Company became well-established as a publisher of fine illustrated books, memoirs and biographies. The archive consists of the firm's outgoing correspondence from 1893 and includes letters from Allen to important artists and authors as well as offering insight into Ruskin's late career.

Microfilm 27 reels with index on microfiche

Index to the Archives of George Allen & Co. 1893-1915
2 microfiche

Archives of Richard Bentley & Son 1829-1898
Richard Bentley & Son became extremely well known for their Standard Novel series together with two very successful periodicals. Among their authors were Dickens, Bulwer-Lytton, Wilkie Collins, Marie Corelli and Mrs Henry Wood.

The archive brings together the collections at the British Library, the University of Illinois and the University of California, Los Angeles making one of the largest and most comprehensive sets of British publishing documents ever to be made widely available.

Microfilm 116 reels with index

Index to the Archives of Richard Bentley & Son 1829-1898
1977 200pp. 250x175mm clothbound
ISBN 0 85964 018 3

Lists of the Publications of Richard Bentley & Son, 1829-1898
An unrivalled source of information on both bibliographical and literary aspects of Bentley publications, the lists include title page transcripts in full together with detailed notes on each title.

microfiche with printed index
ISBN 0 85964 013 2

Index and Guide to the Lists of Publications of Richard Bentley & Son, 1829-1898
by Michael L. Turner
1975 338pp. 225x148mm clothbound
ISBN 0 85964 012 4

Archives of the Cambridge University Press 1696-1902
Of unique importance as the longest continuous record of a printer and publisher to be found anywhere, these archives reflect the wide influence exerted by Cambridge University Press revealing details of its close relationship with the University and its development as a major academic publisher.

Microfilm 11 reels with guide

A Guide to the Archives of the Cambridge University Press
by E.S. Leedham-Green
1973 36pp. 210x140mm paperbound
ISBN 0 85964 001 9

Archives of Harper and Brothers 1817-1914
For much of the nineteenth century Harper and Brothers were the most influential publishing house in America, their authors of the calibre of Herman Melville, Mark Twain and Henry James. Publishers of four famous magazines, they were also technical innovators and businessmen on a grand scale; the breadth and variety of their empire makes their archives an exceptionally rewarding source for research.

Microfilm 58 reels with index

Index to the Archives of Harper and Brothers 1817-1914
1982 78pp. 250x175mm clothbound
ISBN 0 85964 099 X

Archives of Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Henry S. King 1858-1912
The strength of these records lies in the clear and detailed way they show busy, successful firms in the heyday of large series and cheap reprint publishing. The archives of these four companies form a coherent group covering many different areas of Victorian publishing from Kegan Paul's scientific commitment and Trench's theological bias to Trubner's oriental interests and Henry S. King's literary concerns.

Microfilm 27 reels with index on microfiche

Index of Authors and Titles of Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, and Henry S. King 1858-1912
2 microfiche

Archives of the House of Longman 1794-1914
Though a fire in 1940 destroyed most of the Longman correspondence, extensive records have nevertheless survived providing a detailed chronicle of the firm's publishing activities. The archives are divided into bound volumes including the well known Notes on Books 1855-1917, and loose documents - including files of letters from eminent authors such as Matthew Arnold, Winston Churchill and Walter Scott.

Microfilm 73 reels with index

Index to the Archives of the House of Longman 1794-1914
1981 208pp. 250x175mm clothbound
ISBN 0 85964 103 1

Archives of Macmillan & Company 1854-1924
Parts I and II

Many of the great literary figures of this period were published by Macmillan including Tennyson, Hardy, Shaw, Kipling and Yeats making the firm's archives a rich primary source for the study of nineteenth and early twentieth century literary history and bibliography. The records contain 65 volumes of fully indexed readers' reports as well as extensive correspondence with authors, printers and other publishers.

Part I Readers' Reports 1867-1924
Microfilm 8 reels with index

Part II Publishing Records 1860-1921
Microfilm 65 reels with index

Index to the Archives of Macmillan & Co. 1854-1924
1988 COM in binder with printed synopsis
ISBN 0 85964 129 5

Archives of Elkin Matthews 1811-1938
Associated with John Lane during the 1890s, the period The Yellow Book was founded, Elkin Matthews continued as a publisher into the twentieth century gaining a reputation for taking on authors who were eventually to become famous. These archives provide an illuminating record of the publication of minority literature, with prominent correspondents including Yeats, Joyce and Pound.

Microfilm 1 reel including the catalogue of the collection

Archives of Grant Richards 1897-1948
Though only 24 when he founded his publishing house, Grant Richards had George Bernard Shaw as an author within one year and Chesterton, Masefield, A.E. Houseman and Arnold Bennet within four. The firm's archives are particularly valuable for their completeness. They include both incoming and outgoing correspondence, accounts, agreements with authors and clippings of reviews.

Microfilm 72 reels with index

Index to the Archives of Grant Richards 1897-1948
1981 96pp. 250x175 clothbound
ISBN 0 85964 022 1

Archives of George Routledge & Company 1853-1902
One of the foremost publishers of Victorian novels, George Routledge produced cheap editions of good novels in such series as `The Railway Library' as well as fine illustrated books and sets of the works of writers such as Scott, Marryat, Fielding and Smollett. The archives are of two kinds: a complete run of the firm's contracts and related correspondence, and a set of `publication' books for the period 1853 to 1896.

Microfilm 6 reels includes index (not available separately)

Archives of Swan Sonnenschein & Company 1878-1911
William Swan Sonnenschein's company made a substantial contribution to the social and political thought of the nineteenth century, publishing the first English edition of Freud and the first volume of Karl Marx's Das Kapital edited by Engels. The archives include valuable correspondence with Engels and with Eleanor Marx.

Microfilm 25 reels with index on microfiche

Index to the Archives of Swan Sonnenschein & Co. 1878-1911
2 microfiche

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