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Anti-Slavery International (formerly the Anti-Slavery Society) was originally founded as the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society in 1839. In 1909 it merged with the Aborigines' Protection Society. The society's collection of anti-slavery material, dating back as far as 1767, is unrivaled in scope, completeness, and historical relevance.

The Binns and Supplementary Collections comprises some 604 separate titles, bound in 25 volumes and covering every aspect of the anti-slavery movement. Numerous items predate the founding of the Society, including John Newton's Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade, London, 1788; Thomas Burgess's Considerations of the abolition of slavery and the slave trade, Oxford, 1789; and Thomas Clarkson's Essay on the comparative efficiency of regulation or abolition as applied to the slave trade, London, 1789.

The Binns Collection consists of approximately 50 volumes containing some 372 separate items, once the property of Thomas Binns, of Liverpool, and donated by him to the Anti-Slavery Society. Included are such titles as Joseph Priestley's A sermon on the subject of the slave trade, Birmingham, 1788; Anthony Benezet's A caution to Great Britain and her Colonies..., London, 1767; An Address to the inhabitants of the British settlements in America, upon slavekeeping, Philadelphia, 1773; and Granville Sharp's The just limitation of Slavey..., London, 1776.

Many of the volumes in these collections were presented to either Thomas Binns or the Anti-Slavery Society and are autographed by their respective authors; there is also a holograph letter by William Wilberforce.

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