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Each month ProQuest updates this list of the top 25 Most-Accessed Dissertations and Theses across all subjects, based upon total PDF downloads.

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September 2014


  1. An analysis of the factors that contribute to a positive birthing experience for women with a history of sexual trauma
    Chambers, Jennifer, The Wright Institute, 2009, Psy.D.
    Subject: Psychology, Clinical
  2. Joint liability and the structure of financial intermediaries
    Bond, Philip, The University of Chicago, 1999, Ph.D.
    Subject: Economics, Theory
  3. Effect of conflict management styles on stress level of correctional officers
    Rhodes, Alisha C., Alliant International University, San Diego, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subject: Psychology, Industrial
  4. The Impacts of Organizational Culture and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Practices on Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Decisions
    Tang, Mincong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 2011, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  5. Exploring the relationship between organizational culture and value innovation in a supply chain logistics company
    Nevel, Kathleen M., Alvernia University, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Business Administration, General
  6. Cognitive function and physical function in persons with rheumatoid arthritis
    Shin, So Young, University of California, San Francisco, 2012, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  7. Measurement of perceived organizational readiness for change and employees' attitudes toward change in the public sector
    Cinite, Inta, Carleton University (Canada), 2006, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  8. An analysis of the relationships between international diversification, product diversification, firm resources and firm performance
    Capar, Nejat, The Florida State University, 2003, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  9. Population genetics and genetic polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum parasites from Colombian Pacific region before the introduction of artemisinine compounds
    Echeverri Garcia, Diego Fernando, Purdue University, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Biology, Parasitology
  10. Mutations in the Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter: Balancing drug resistance and fitness
    Petersen, Ines, Columbia University, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Biology, Parasitology
    FISHER, JAMES LEE, Northwestern University, 1964, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Educational Psychology
  12. The Use of Educational Technology Integration by Special Education Teachers in Rural Schools in South Carolina
    Byrd-Jones, Shannon L., University of South Carolina, 2011, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Technology of
  13. Understanding the impact of core product quality on customer satisfaction, team identification, and service quality
    Warren, Clinton J., University of Minnesota, 2011, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Sports Management
  14. Leadership and management skills of preservice teachers
    Koh, Shana E., The Claremont Graduate University, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Teacher Training
  15. Stable personality characteristics of effective counselors: The Counselor Characteristic Inventory
    Pope, Verl T., Idaho State University, 1996, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Guidance and Counseling
  16. Character education as perceived and implemented by selected middle school teachers of one rural county in West Virginia
    Lucas, Lisa D., West Virginia University, 2009, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Curriculum and Instruction
  17. Information needs and seeking behavior of social science scholars at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman: A mixed-method approach
    Al-Suqri, Mohammed Nasser, Emporia State University, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Library Science
  18. Academic integrity: A case study
    Matye Edwards, Lisa M., University of Northern Colorado, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Higher
  19. The current state of project risk management practices among risk sensitive project management professionals
    Voetsch, Robert James, The George Washington University, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  20. Analysis of the determinant factors affecting behavior of mothers when caring for children under five years of age with diarrhea
    Ahmad, Samira, University of Pittsburgh, 1994, PH.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  21. Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) and the impact of globalization: A Canadian case study
    Moss, Leah, McGill University (Canada), 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Adult and Continuing
  22. Narrating other natures: A third wave ecocritical approach to Toni Morrison, Ruth Ozeki, and Octavia Butler
    Campbell, Andrea Kate, Washington State University, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Literature, American
    The perceived impact of committee participation on retention and job satisfaction of staff nurses
    Skelton-Green, Judith M., The Fielding Institute, 1994, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  23. A pilot study: The effect of healing touch on anxiety, stress, pain, pain medication usage, and physiological measures in hospitalized Sickle cell disease adults experiencing a vaso-occlusive pain episode
    Thomas, Linda Steedly, East Carolina University, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  24. Time driven: Metapsychology and the splitting of the drive
    Johnston, Adrian Owen, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2001, Ph.D.
    Subject: Philosophy
  25. Information technology management in higher education: An evidence-based approach to improving chief information officer performance
    Weiss, Meredith L., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Information Technology

Masters Theses

  1. The Ilkhanid Mongols, the Christian Armenians, and the Islamic Mamluks: A study of their relations, 1220-1335
    Prezbindowski, Lauren, University of Louisville, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: History, Medieval
  2. Strategic contingency planning
    Scott-Martinet, Karen, California State University, Long Beach, 2006, M.S.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  3. Empowerment as a way to improve nutrition in pregnancy in Waru Jaya, West Java, Indonesia: An action research study
    Wiarsih, Wiwin, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada), 2002, M.N.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  4. Effect of head-neck posture on human discomfort during whole-body vibration
    DeShaw, Jonathan, The University of Iowa, 2010, M.S.
    Subject: Engineering, Biomedical
  5. The potential impact of legalizing marijuana
    Yu, Sz-De, University of Missouri - Kansas City, 2005, M.S.
    Subject: Sociology, Criminology and Penology
    Organizational strategies that inspire and improve employee retention and morale
    Saliba, Soraya, Royal Roads University (Canada), 2007, M.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  6. The building skin as a connecting medium: A case study in Tehran
    Afshar, Mercedes, University of Maryland, College Park, 2011, M.Arch.
    Subject: Architecture
    Wind loads on low buildings with 4:12 gable roofs
    Case, Peter Conrad, The University of Western Ontario (Canada), 1996, M.E.Sc.
    Subject: Engineering, Civil
  7. The Effects of Watson's Theory of Caring and the Nurse Utilization of Caring Attributes's theory of caring and the nurse utilization of caring attributes
    Owens, Mary Michaele, Gardner-Webb University, 2013, M.S.N.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  8. Force control of a flexible joint robot
    Borowski, Zbigniew Jan, Carleton University (Canada), 1993, M.Eng.
    Subject: Engineering, Aerospace
  9. Social support, health behaviors, and academic success in college students
    Fox, Megan C., East Carolina University, 2011, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Counseling
    Organizational work life balance practices: Socialization, perceived fit and organizational outcomes
    Amram, Stephanie, Concordia University (Canada), 2004, M.Sc.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  10. Circles of healing: Stories of trauma and recovery from Native American and Western perspectives
    Murray, Maureen J., The University of Regina (Canada), 2003, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Clinical
  11. Do memories lie? Reliability of eyewitness testimony
    Zarrin, Alisa, Long Island University, The Brooklyn Center, 2009, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Cognitive
    Reorientation of the Experienced General Medical/Surgical Nurse to a Progressive Care Medical/Surgical Nurse Utilizing Benner's Novice to Expert Theory
    Radford, Barbara, Gardner-Webb University, 2010, M.S.N.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
    The role of daytime napping in sleepiness and cognitive function in 24--70 year olds
    Milner, Catherine E., Brock University (Canada), 2004, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Cognitive
  12. The effects of divorce on children
    Gandelman, Polina, Long Island University, The Brooklyn Center, 2009, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Clinical
    Police Militarization: Attitudes Towards the Militarization of the American Police
    Wyrick, Phillip T., East Tennessee State University, 2013, M.A.
    Subject: Sociology, Criminology and Penology
  13. Healing Psyche Through Expressive Arts: Expressing and Dialoguing With Living Images
    Freie, Barbara C. Lippert, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2014, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Counseling
  14. Relationships among cognitive-linguistic skills, fluency interventions and reading comprehension in third grade inner city children
    Radville, Katharine, MGH Institute of Health Professions, 2008, M.S.
    Subject: Education, Reading
  15. The lived experience of patients with congestive heart failure: A phenomenological study
    Brown, Lauren E., Southern Connecticut State University, 1999, M.S.N.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  16. An exploration of William Glasser's choice theory in classroom management
    Paularinne, Robert P.J., Lakehead University (Canada), 2007, M.Ed.
    Subject: Education, Teacher Training
  17. How Does Technology Affect Communication in the Workplace?
    Huffman, Kathleen E., The College of St. Scholastica, 2011, M.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  18. Employee motivation, satisfaction and productivity: A study of the workplace
    Guthrie, Yvonne Michelle, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1999, M.A.
    Subject: Speech Communication
  19. Evolution of leadership theories
    Maslanka, Ann M., Grand Valley State University, 2004, M.S.
    Subject: Sociology, Theory and Methods
    Gender discrimination in the workplace
    Childs, Sheena, State University of New York Empire State College, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Women's Studies
    Smiling behaviors and credibility in actual trials: A naturalistic observation of witnesses
    Nagle, Jacklyn Edith, The University of Alabama, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Clinical
  20. The effects of change management on employee engagement: Using lean principles to increase engagement
    Baker, Jared V., California State University, Long Beach, 2011, M.S.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Health Care Management
    Breaking Cultural and Communication Barriers
    Lee, Charles HeeChang, The University of the Arts, 2013, M.In.D.
    Subject: Education, Higher
    School-wide positive behavior support for individuals with severe and profound disabilities
    Judge, Brittany A., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2015, Ed.S.
    Subject: Education, Educational Psychology
  21. How Social Media Communities Impact Consumer Behavior
    Martinka, Leslie, Gonzaga University, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Speech Communication
  22. Organizational change: The role of organizational culture and employees' trust in their managers
    Khan, Shahid Zaman, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2011, M.S.
    Subject: Sociology, Organizational
  23. The Effects of Teaching Using the SMARTboard versus Discrete Trial Teaching on Acquisition and Student Engagement for Children with Autism
    Argott, Brittani, Caldwell College, 2012, M.A.S.E.
    Subject: Education, Special
    Flipped Classroom: Effects on Achievement and Student Perception
    Schwankl, Eric R., Southwest Minnesota State University, 2013, M.S.E.
    Subject: Education, Mathematics
    Exponentially Tapered Bimorph Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester
    Reske-Nielsen, Mikkel F., Tufts University, 2012, M.S.
    Subject: Engineering, Mechanical
  24. The party as a mass political organization in Egypt, 1952-1967
    Dessouki, Ali E. Hillal, McGill University (Canada), 1968, M.A.
    Subject: Education, General
    College students' perceptions of responsibility for learning
    Bishop, Valerie Anne, University of Toronto (Canada), 2003, M.A.
    Subject: Education, Community College
  25. Determinants of import and export demand in Thailand
    Chawang, Olarn, California State University, Fullerton, 2002, M.A.
    Subject: Economics, General
    Market positioning to achieve competitive advantage: A case study on AT&T and MCI
    Horng, Paul-Li, Quinnipiac University, 1992, M.B.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management