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Each month ProQuest updates this list of the top 25 Most-Accessed Dissertations and Theses across all subjects, based upon total PDF downloads.

May 2014


  1. Detection of spatial and spatio-temporal clusters
    NEILL, DANIEL B., Carnegie Mellon University, 2006, Ph.D.
    Subject: Computer Science
  2. Spatio-Temporal Data Mining to Detect Changes and Clusters in Trajectories
    KONDAVEETI, ANIRUDH, Arizona State University, 2012, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Engineering, Industrial
    FISHER, SUSAN DIAN, Ball State University, 1985, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Education, Elementary
  4. Mechanical performance and fatigue crack growth behavior of polymer-modified asphalt concrete mixtures
    OTHMAN, AYMAN MAHMOUD, Case Western Reserve University, 1995, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Engineering, Civil
    GELFAND, ELIZABETH, Boston University, 1984, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Psychology, Clinical
  6. Cognitive behavioral techniques used to complement medication for improved pain control in cancer treatment
    SOLITO, TRICIA K', University of South Carolina, 2009, D.N.P.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  7. Computational analysis of blood transcriptional signatures in the study of HCV susceptibility, infection and therapy response
    BOLEN, CHRISTOPHER, Yale University, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Biology, Bioinformatics
  8. Measurement of perceived organizational readiness for change and employees' attitudes toward change in the public sector
    CINITE, INTA, Carleton University (Canada), 2006, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  9. How the Body Can Feel Wrong: Sensory Processing and Neural Body Representation in Transsexuality and Anorexia Nervosa
    CASE, LAURA KRISTEN, University of California, San Diego, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Psychology, General
  10. An Unstable Balance: Exploration, Exploitation, and Innovation Decline during Development
    RANDALL, CRAIG, Bentley University, 2012, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  11. Understanding the impact of core product quality on customer satisfaction, team identification, and service quality
    WARREN, CLINTON J., University of Minnesota, 2011, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Sports Management
  12. Brand development: The effects of customer brand co-creation on self-brand connection
    BOGOVIYEVA, ELMIRA, The University of Mississippi, 2009, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Marketing
  13. NANDA-I, NOC, and NIC linkages in nursing care plans for hospitalized patients with Congestive Heart Failure
    PARK, HYE JIN, The University of Iowa, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  14. The current state of project risk management practices among risk sensitive project management professionals
    VOETSCH, ROBERT JAMES, The George Washington University, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  15. The measurement of personal responsibility in adult learning
    BETTS, ANASTASIA L., Regent University, 2012, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Education, Educational Psychology
  16. p21 and bax: Two novel targets of c-Myc
    MITCHELL, KYRAN ONEAL, University of Pennsylvania, 2003, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Biology, Molecular
  17. Stock returns, risk factor loadings, and model predictions: A test of the CAPM and the Fama-French 3-factor model
    SUH, DANIEL, West Virginia University, 2009, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Economics, Finance
  18. The impact of balanced scorecard usage on organization performance
    CHRISTESEN, DAVID ALLEN, University of Minnesota, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  19. A pilot study: The effect of healing touch on anxiety, stress, pain, pain medication usage, and physiological measures in hospitalized Sickle cell disease adults experiencing a vaso-occlusive pain episode
    THOMAS, LINDA STEEDLY, East Carolina University, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  20. Electromagnetic approaches to wall characterization, wall mitigation, and antenna design for through-the-wall radar systems
    THAJUDEEN, CHRISTOPHER, Villanova University, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
  21. Electronic medical record use in acute care hospitals: Correlates, efficiency, and quality
    SWANSON, ABBY JO GILLENORA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2006, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Health Care Management
  22. Relationship of patient characteristics and nursing diagnosis to patient outcomes in patients with myocardial infarction
    PRAPAIPANICH, WONNAPHA, The University of Iowa, 2001, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing
  23. Italians and the new Byzantium: Lombard and Venetian architects in Muscovy, 1472-1539
    HURST, ELLEN A., City University of New York, 2014, Ph.D.
    Subject: Art History
  24. Leadership and management skills of preservice teachers
    KOH, SHANA E., The Claremont Graduate University, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Education, Teacher Training
  25. Computer Modeling of a High Voltage Power Substation For EMF with Actual Measurements for Model Validation
    CHOMA, KENT NELSON, University of Nevada, Reno, 2012, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical

Masters Theses

  1. On the Process of the Disenchantment of Ancient Egypt
    CORDNER, COLIN, Carleton University (Canada), 2010, M.A.
    Subjects: Political Science, General
  2. The effect of equine assisted psychotherapy on coping resiliency
    DEVINE, JULIA, Prescott College, 2009, M.A.
    Subjects: Psychology, Clinical
  3. The effect of personality characteristics and various aspects of genetic counseling on compassion fatigue, satisfaction, and burnout
    LUCK, TINNELLE T., Howard University, 2009, M.S.
    Subjects: Biology, Genetics
  4. Development of an interactive virtual library tour
    HAO, SHUANG, Western Illinois University, 2010, M.S.
    Subjects: Education, Curriculum and Instruction
  5. Organizational strategies that inspire and improve employee retention and morale
    SALIBA, SORAYA, Royal Roads University (Canada), 2007, M.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  6. Riba-free models of money, banking, and insurance components of the Islamic moral economy
    KARIM, SHAFIEL A., California State University, Long Beach, 2010, M.A.
    Subjects: Religion, General
  7. Implications of cognitive style for adult distance education: An integrative review
    ISAAK-PLOEGMAN, CINDY, University of Manitoba (Canada), 2003, M.Ed.
    Subjects: Education, Adult and Continuing
  8. An exploration of William Glasser's choice theory in classroom management
    PAULARINNE, ROBERT P.J., Lakehead University (Canada), 2007, M.Ed.
    Subjects: Education, Teacher Training
  9. The Effects of Cue Familiarity on Episodic Memory, Scene Construction, and Imagining the Future
    ROBIN, JESSICA, University of Toronto (Canada), 2011, M.A.
    Subjects: Psychology, Cognitive
  10. Strategic contingency planning
    SCOTT-MARTINET, KAREN, California State University, Long Beach, 2006, M.S.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  11. A study of customer satisfaction factors and employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry
    NOVIKOVA, KSENIA, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2009, M.S.
    Subject: Recreation
    SHIBUTANI, TAMOTSU, The University of Chicago, 1944, M.A.
    Subjects: Sociology, Social Structure and Development
  13. Mind reading: The role of quality and duration of the relationship in predicting novel behavior of another person
    DEBERNARDIS, GENEVIEVE M., University of Nevada, Reno, 2009, M.A.
    Subjects: Psychology, Behavioral
  14. Seismic investigation and attribute analysis of faults and fractures within a tight-gas sandstone reservoir: Williams Fork Formation, Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado
    BAYTOK, SAIT, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010, M.S.
    Subject: Geology
  15. Comparative performance of solar cabinet, vacuum assisted solar and open sun drying methods
    PERUMAL, RAJKUMAR, McGill University (Canada), 2007, M.Sc.
    Subjects: Engineering, Agricultural
  16. School-wide positive behavior support for individuals with severe and profound disabilities
    JUDGE, BRITTANY A., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2015, Ed.S.
    Subjects: Education, Educational Psychology
  17. Safety and operational characteristics of lane widths on urban roadways in South Carolina
    JORDAN, HAROLD DEVOE, III, Clemson University, 2012, M.S.
    Subjects: Engineering, Civil
  18. A GIS based tool to determine optimal routes
    NAROOR, RAJEEV, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2005, M.S.E.
    Subjects: Engineering, Civil
  19. The Rise And Fall Of The Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian Revolution: The Interplay of Narrative and Other Factors
    TOMBAUGH, WILLIAM W. N., University of Kansas, 2013, M.A.
    Subject: Middle Eastern Studies
  20. Uptake and degradation of atrazine utilizing phytoremediation technology with switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)
    MURPHY, IAN JAMES, Iowa State University, 2009, M.S.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Toxicology
  21. Computer vision for automated surface evaluation of concrete bridge decks
    PRASANNA, PRATEEK, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2013, M.S.
    Subjects: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
  22. Optimal municipal bus routing using genetic algorithms
    SUITER, JAY MICHAEL, Utah State University, 1998, M.S.
    Subject: Computer Science
  23. Employee motivation, satisfaction and productivity: A study of the workplace
    GUTHRIE, YVONNE MICHELLE, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1999, M.A.
    Subject: Speech Communication
  24. Magnet flux leakage inspection of tailor welded blanks
    HOOK, PETER JONATHAN, Queen's University (Canada), 2004, M.Sc.
    Subjects: Physics, Electricity and Magnetism
  25. College students' perceptions of responsibility for learning
    BISHOP, VALERIE ANNE, University of Toronto (Canada), 2003, M.A.
    Subjects: Education, Community College