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Each month ProQuest updates this list of the top 25 Most-Accessed Dissertations and Theses across all subjects, based upon total PDF downloads.

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January 2018


  1. The Impact of Texting and Social Media on Students' Academic Writing Skills
    Risto, Angela, Tennessee State University, 2014, Ed.D.
    Subject: Educational administration
    NEILSON, THOMAS LAVON, American University, 1969,
    Subject: International law
  3. Perceptions of executives from seven selected companies of the use of social media in marketing practices
    Alameddine, Abir, Pepperdine University, 2013, Ed.D.
    Subject: Marketing
  4. Consensus frayed: The Greek colonels, the Turkish embargo, and the crisis of Cold War containment
    Friedman, Michael Jay, University of Pennsylvania, 2003, Ph.D.
    Subject: American history
  5. Measuring corporate social responsibility through organizational values: A scale validation study
    Toliver, Adria Denise, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Occupational psychology
  6. Mise-en-scene of desire: The films of Mizoguchi Kenji
    Kinoshita, Chika, The University of Chicago, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Film studies
  7. Asatru in America: A new American religion
    Calico, Jefferson Forrest, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Comparative religion
  8. Effect of a Business Ethics Course on the Moral Reasoning of Undergraduate Accounting Students
    Fulmore, Anthony Lamont, Northcentral University, 2015, D.B.A.
    Subject: Accounting
  9. United States national security policy towards the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, 1961-1969
    McKnight, Michael Edward, Texas A&M University, 1997, Ph.D.
    Subject: American history
  10. Boy builders and pink princesses: Gender, toys, and inequality over the twentieth century
    Sweet, Elizabeth Valerie, University of California, Davis, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Sociology
  11. Strategic human resource management at the crossroads: Relationships among human resource capital, overlapping tenure, behaviors, and performance
    Harris, Christopher M., The University of Texas at Arlington, 2009, Ph.D.
    Subject: Management
  12. Teachers' beliefs regarding the implementation of constructivism in their classroom
    Beck, Judy, The University of Toledo, 1997, Ph.D.
    Subject: Curriculum development
  13. The impact of organizational culture, structure, and strategy on knowledge management effectiveness and organizational effectiveness
    Zheng, Wei, University of Minnesota, 2005, Ph.D.
    Subject: Management
  14. Essays on information environment of international financial markets
    Xie, Junqiang, City University of New York, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Finance
    Social Media Addiction among Adolescents in Urban China: An Examination of Sociophysiological Traits, Uses and Gratifications, Academic Performance, and Social Capital
    Huang, Hanyun, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 2011, Ph.D.
    Subject: Mass communication
  15. Three essays on cross-listing
    Wang, Liu, Old Dominion University, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Finance
  16. Empirical relationships among servant, transformational, and transactional leadership: Similarities, differences, and correlations with job satisfaction and organizational commitment
    Washington, Rynetta R., Auburn University, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Management
    Revisiting fundamental concepts of transformational leadership theory: A closer look at follower developmental processes
    Lippstreu, Michael, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Occupational psychology
  17. The effects of cross-listing of non-United States firms on the New York Stock Exchange
    Oran, Adil, Texas Tech University, 1999, Ph.D.
    Subject: Finance
    KALIB, SYLVAN SOL, Northwestern University, 1973,
    Subject: Music
  19. Measurement of perceived organizational readiness for change and employees' attitudes toward change in the public sector
    Cinite, Inta, Carleton University (Canada), 2006, Ph.D.
    Subject: Management
  20. Conceptualizing Empowerment in International Development Education
    Hegeman-Davis, Raya G., University of Minnesota, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education policy
  21. Exploring generational differences among Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers: Work values, manager behavior expectations, and the impact of manager behaviors on work engagement
    Murphy, Michelle Marie, Alliant International University, 2011, Ph.D.
    Subject: Organizational behavior
  22. America's Germany, Germany's Europe: Konrad Adenauer, the CDU/CSU, and the politics of German Westbindung, 1949-1963
    Granieri, Ronald Joseph, The University of Chicago, 1996, Ph.D.
    Subject: European history
    Island radicals: The emergence and consolidation of the Cypriot Left, 1920-1960
    Panayiotou, Andreas, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1999, Ph.D.
    Subject: Social structure
  23. Juror perceptions of juveniles transferred to criminal court: The role of generic prejudice and emotion in determinations of guilt
    Beringer Jones, Megan, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2011, Ph.D.
    Subject: Behavioral sciences
  24. Learning to be engaged: Leader goal orientation, employee goal orientation and the mediating role of employee learning on employee engagement and performance
    Pollock, Patrick W., St. Ambrose University, 2015, D.B.A.
    Subject: Business administration
    Leadership and management skills of preservice teachers
    Koh, Shana E., The Claremont Graduate University, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Teacher education
  25. Reading mothers and daughters: A psychological, historical, and literary analysis
    Gistrak, Jennifer Ellen, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, 2000, Psy.D.
    Subject: Clinical psychology

Masters Theses

  1. Reforming the criminal justice system: A pragmatic approach to building a sustainable system
    Smith, Da'Mon J., University of Central Oklahoma, 2011, M.A.
    Subject: Public administration
  2. The impact of cultural differences on Asian American college students' emotional wellness
    To, Sandy, California State University, Long Beach, 2013, M.S.
    Subject: Counseling Psychology
  3. Images, madness, and the gods: Plato's critique of poetry, use of literary tropes, and treatment of poetic inspiration as divine madness
    Watkins, Dru, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2014, M.A.
    Subject: Philosophy
  4. The United States and the unification of Western Europe, 1956--1964
    Manuel, Vivian, University of Wyoming, 1965, M.A.
    Subject: Political science
  5. The emergence of the Cold War: Critical issues in Soviet-American relations 1917-1948
    Hubis, Harold Jeffrey, San Jose State University, 1994, M.A.
    Subject: American history
  6. Girls for a Change: Exploring the role of technological and visual literacies in a high school setting to create social change
    Morales, AnaLuisa H., Prescott College, 2014, M.A.
    Subject: Educational technology
  7. A study of customer satisfaction factors and employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry
    Novikova, Ksenia, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2009, M.S.
    Subject: Recreation
  8. "Babbitt": Loss of human values
    McNary, Leonora P., California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2003, M.A.
    Subject: American literature
  9. Ethics and business decision-making
    Jaunich, Gregory J., The College of St. Scholastica, 2012, M.B.A.
    Subject: Management
  10. The benefits of early comprehensive youth obesity prevention strategies outweigh the costs to consumers and reimbursers
    Alver, Amalie, Boston University, 2016, M.S.
    Subject: Public health
  11. Two Qualitative Case Studies Examining the Parent-Child Interaction in Home-Based Musical Play Experiences
    Choi, Yoon Kyoung, Arizona State University, 2013, M.M.
    Subject: Music
  12. Gender discrimination in the workplace
    Childs, Sheena, State University of New York Empire State College, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Women's studies
  13. Designing Infographics to support teaching complex science subject: A comparison between static and animated Infographics
    Hassan, Hesham Galal, Iowa State University, 2016, M.F.A.
    Subject: Design
    Numerical and experimental analysis of photovoltaic panel cooling
    Subhan, Abdul, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia), 2012, M.S.
    Subject: Mechanical engineering
  14. Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Nurse to Patient Ratio with Nurse Burnout
    Teeter, Kayla, Gardner-Webb University, 2014, M.S.N.
    Subject: Nursing
  15. Regulating cryptocurrency to prevent fraud and money laundering
    Ngai, Kenneth, Utica College, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Banking
  16. Heritages: Mother/daughter relationships in three novels by Chinese American women
    Guo, Yan, The University of Regina (Canada), 1995, M.A.
    Subject: American literature
    Prediction of Septic Shock in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
    Hu, Scott B., University of California, Los Angeles, 2013, M.S.
    Subject: Medicine
  17. Mother/daughter dyads: Female identity construction in three contemporary female Bildungsromane
    Walters, Melanie L., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2008, M.A.
    Subject: American literature
  18. The effects of social media on national security within the United States
    Lumpp, Taylor G., Utica College, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Web studies
  19. Weeding the garden: Transforming the Inner Critic and allowing our innate creativity to flourish
    Crawford, Nan, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2001, M.A.
    Subject: Developmental psychology
  20. Disney princess "2.0": A feminist critique of Disney's newest generation of princesses
    Rome, Jennifer M., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2013, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
  21. The glint of gold: Press coverage of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb
    Arakaki, Jon S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1999, M.A.
    Subject: Journalism
  22. Urinary biomarkers and association with recovery from severe AKI
    Agarwal, Rahul, Yale University, 2013, M.D.
    Subject: Medicine
    Business Intelligence: Evolution and Future Trends
    Bataweel, Dalal Suliman, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, 2015, M.S.
    Subject: Information technology
  23. Reading images: Visual and critical literacy strategies as methods of meaning construction
    Comacchio, David John, University of Toronto (Canada), 2006, M.A.
    Subject: Reading instruction
  24. Lien entre le sentiment d'auto-efficacite et l'epuisement professionnel chez des enseignantes et enseignants et inventaire des obstacles et facilitateurs a leur epanouissement professionnel
    R. Doyon, Pascal, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres (Canada), 2013, M.A.
    Subject: Pedagogy
  25. Evolution of a president: John F. Kennedy and Berlin
    Labinski, Nicholas, Marquette University, 2011, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
    One Belt One Road: China's Nation-Building Initiative
    Zhang, Yizhi Jing Jing, The George Washington University, 2017, M.A.
    Subject: International relations