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Each month ProQuest updates this list of the top 25 Most-Accessed Dissertations and Theses across all subjects, based upon total PDF downloads.

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January 2015


  1. The Use of Educational Technology Integration by Special Education Teachers in Rural Schools in South Carolina
    Byrd-Jones, Shannon L., University of South Carolina, 2011, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Technology of
  2. Foreign direct investment as a vehicle for deploying cleaner technologies: Technology transfer and the Big Three automakers in China
    Gallagher, Kelly Sims, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University), 2003, Ph.D.
    Subject: Political Science, General
  3. Measurement of perceived organizational readiness for change and employees' attitudes toward change in the public sector
    Cinite, Inta, Carleton University (Canada), 2006, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  4. Information needs and seeking behavior of social science scholars at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman: A mixed-method approach
    Al-Suqri, Mohammed Nasser, Emporia State University, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Library Science
  5. Leadership and management skills of preservice teachers
    Koh, Shana E., The Claremont Graduate University, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Teacher Training
    MERITT-HASTON, RONNI ELLEN, Michigan State University, 1984, Ph.D.
    Subject: Psychology, Industrial
  6. Understanding the impact of core product quality on customer satisfaction, team identification, and service quality
    Warren, Clinton J., University of Minnesota, 2011, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Sports Management
  7. Service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty in consumer electronics e-tailers: A structural equation modeling approach
    Wu, Kuang-Wen, Lynn University, 2006, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Marketing
    FISHER, JAMES LEE, Northwestern University, 1964, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Education, Educational Psychology
  9. Some methodologies for FACTS controllers
    Mwinyiwiwa, Bakari M. M., McGill University (Canada), 1997, Ph.D.
    Subject: Engineering, Biomedical
    A study of the determinants of nurses' care planning performance
    Miller, Emmy Rosalynde, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1991, PH.D.
    Subject: Health Sciences, Nursing
  10. Measuring performance appraisal efficacy in the public sector: Comparing performance appraisal system efficacy with job design
    Juett, Samuel Joseph, III, University of Georgia, 1996, D.P.A.
    Subjects: Political Science, Public Administration
    Work and the blind identity in Japan with reference to the British experience
    Sugino, Akihiro, London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom), 1997, Ph.D.
    Subject: Psychology, Industrial
  11. High-order nonlinear estimation with signal processing applications
    Hilands, Thomas William, The Pennsylvania State University, 1992, PH.D.
    Subject: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
    A pilot study: The effect of healing touch on anxiety, stress, pain, pain medication usage, and physiological measures in hospitalized Sickle cell disease adults experiencing a vaso-occlusive pain episode
    Thomas, Linda Steedly, East Carolina University, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Health Sciences, Nursing
    Learning across the campus: How college facilitates the development of wisdom
    Brown, Scott Courtney, University of Maryland, College Park, 1999, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Higher
  12. Supervisor's management style and employee performance appraisal satisfaction in a public health agency
    Morgan, Barbara Ann, University of Idaho, 2000, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Adult and Continuing
  13. A comparison of evidence of Watson's carative factors in performance appraisals for medical surgical registered nurses in the state of Illinois
    Carson, Elizabeth Marie, Northern Illinois University, 2002, Ed.D.
    Subject: Health Sciences, Nursing
    Pricing in the presence of strategic consumer behavior
    Feldman, Pnina, University of Pennsylvania, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
    Effects of registered nurses' work design on hospital unit culture, quality, and cost of patient care
    Kosmoski-Goepfert, Kerry Ann, University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center, 1994, Ph.D.
    Subject: Health Sciences, Nursing
    Refining Nursing Practice: A Grounded Theory of How Nurses Learn to Nurse Well in the Current Health Care Milieu
    Jantzen, Darlaine, University of Alberta (Canada), 2012, Ph.D.
    Subject: Health Sciences, Nursing
  14. Parents "Make a Difference"---Parental Beliefs, Family Processes, Achievement Motivation and Psychological Competence of Adolescents Experiencing Economic Disadvantage in Hong Kong
    Leung Tsin Yee, Janet, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong), 2012, Ph.D.
    Subject: Social Work
  15. Examining the relationship between stress and absenteeism: A research synthesis
    Darr, Wendy A., Concordia University (Canada), 2005, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  16. Service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer behavioral intentions in higher education
    Ham, Carrie Leugenia, Nova Southeastern University, 2003, D.B.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Marketing
    Characterization and modeling of ionic polymeric smart materials as artificial muscles and robotic swimming structures
    Mojarrad, Mehran, The University of New Mexico, 2001, Ph.D.
    Subject: Engineering, Mechanical
    Auroral electrojet irregularities
    Bahcivan, Hasan, Cornell University, 2005, Ph.D.
    Subject: Physics, Fluid and Plasma
  17. A three-stage model for the domestication of Oryza sativa and the emergence of rice agriculture in China, 12,000--7,000 BP
    Huang, Hai, University of Kansas, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Anthropology, Archaeology
    The influence of Glasser's control theory and reality therapy on educators: A case study
    Cullinane, Debra Kaye, University of San Diego, 1995, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Teacher Training
  18. Model predictive control over manual pipe welding process on stainless steel
    Li, Xiangrong, University of Kentucky, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
    The Book of the Earth: A study of ancient Egyptian symbol-systems and the evolution of New Kingdom cosmographic models
    Roberson, Joshua Aaron, University of Pennsylvania, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Language, Ancient
    Gifted students' perceptions of the differentiated curriculum
    Dobron, Kendra Hollern, University of Southern California, 2011, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Gifted
  19. The effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns on consumer responses to brands in social media: Impression management perspectives
    Jeong, Hyun Ju, Michigan State University, 2011, Ph.D.
    Subject: Mass Communications
    Numerical simulation and validation of helicopter blade-vortex interaction using coupled CFD/CSD and three levels of aerodynamic modeling
    Amiraux, Mathieu, University of Maryland, College Park, 2014, Ph.D.
    Subject: Engineering, Aerospace
    A study of the relationship of quality circles to job satisfaction, absenteeism and turnover of nurses and patients' satisfaction with nursing care in Taiwan
    Shian, Lee Li-Chuan, George Mason University, 1990, Ph.D.
    Subject: Health Sciences, Nursing
  20. Servant leadership theory: Development of the Servant Leadership Assessment Instrument
    Dennis, Robert Steven, Regent University, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
    Character education as perceived and implemented by selected middle school teachers of one rural county in West Virginia
    Lucas, Lisa D., West Virginia University, 2009, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Curriculum and Instruction
    Leadership and professional competencies: Serving higher education in an era of change
    Smith, David M., University of Pennsylvania, 2000, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Higher
  21. The impact of balanced scorecard usage on organization performance
    Christesen, David Allen, University of Minnesota, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
    Audit committee accounting expertise and changes in financial reporting quality
    Rich, Kevin T., University of Oregon, 2009, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Accounting
  22. A study of the relationship among the constructs of transformational and transactional leadership and conflict management style
    Garcia, Anthony R., Sr., Our Lady of the Lake University, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  23. A study of the relationship between stress and job satisfaction in sales organizations: Its impact on employee turnover
    Price, Kella B., Nova Southeastern University, 2003, D.B.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
    Perspectives of battered women regarding the criminal justice system
    Noone, Diana Colombo, University of Maryland, Baltimore, 2000, Ph.D.
    Subject: Social Work
    Neurofeedback as an Intervention to Improve Reading Achievement in Students With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Inattentive Subtype
    La Marca, Jeffry Peter, University of California, Riverside, 2014, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Special
  24. Environmental factors and Google Docs use in Monmouth County middle schools
    Wisnicki, Stephanie Kraft, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2014, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Administration
    The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere on the Internet: Focused on New Media Literacy and Collectivity of Online Communities
    Shin, Jiwon, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2013, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education, Technology of
    International corporate social responsibility: Assessing United States-based multinationals' location and globalization of operations
    Mackey, Jennifer Beth, The Pennsylvania State University, 2005, Ph.D.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
    Managerial success and derailment: The relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership
    Bryson, Karen Diane Lokelani, Fielding Graduate University, 2005, Ph.D.
    Subject: Psychology, Social
    Ego-integrity versus ego-despair: The effect of "accepting the past" on depression in the elderly
    Kezel, Fariba, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subject: Psychology, Clinical
  25. The biotechnology industry in the United States: Formulating a conceptual industry model
    Frank, Jeffrey Evan, University of Maryland, College Park, 2001, Ph.D.
    Subject: Geography
    Academic integrity: A case study
    Matye Edwards, Lisa M., University of Northern Colorado, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Education, Higher

Masters Theses

  1. An exploratory study of the opportunities and challenges of social media in meeting relationship marketing goals in sport organizations
    Abeza, Gashaw Zergaw, University of New Brunswick (Canada), 2012, M.A.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Recreation
  2. An exploration of William Glasser's choice theory in classroom management
    Paularinne, Robert P.J., Lakehead University (Canada), 2007, M.Ed.
    Subject: Education, Teacher Training
  3. The efficacy of oral motor therapy for children with mild articulation disorders
    Guisti, Melissa A., Southern Connecticut State University, 2002, M.S.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Speech Pathology
  4. Comparative Analysis of a MOOC and a Residential Community Using Introductory College Physics: Documenting How Learning Environments Are Created, Lessons Learned in the Process, and Measurable Outcomes
    Olsen, Jack Ryan, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Physics, General
  5. Psychoanalytic understanding of art and play therapy for children with developmental disabilities
    Lee, Min-Jung, Hofstra University, 2009, M.A.
    Subject: Psychology, Clinical
  6. The Effects of Perceived Organizational Support and Trust on Organizational Commitment
    Kelley-Swanson, Shawna, Roosevelt University, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Psychology, Industrial
  7. Strategic contingency planning
    Scott-Martinet, Karen, California State University, Long Beach, 2006, M.S.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  8. How Social Media Communities Impact Consumer Behavior
    Martinka, Leslie, Gonzaga University, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Speech Communication
  9. Organizational strategies that inspire and improve employee retention and morale
    Saliba, Soraya, Royal Roads University (Canada), 2007, M.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  10. The role of noneconomic factors in economic development: Primitive and peasant economies
    Akbar, Mohammad Ali, University of Southern California, 1968, M.A.
    Subject: Economics, General
  11. Titanium dioxide-doped ionic polymer-metal composite actuator
    Jung, Youngsoo, University of Nevada, Reno, 2010, M.E.
    Subject: Engineering, Mechanical
  12. A study of customer satisfaction factors and employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry
    Novikova, Ksenia, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2009, M.S.
    Subject: Recreation
  13. A study of the effect the flipped classroom model on student self-efficacy
    Kenna, Donald Christian, North Dakota State University, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Education, Curriculum and Instruction
  14. Design and evaluation of an e-learning service for online self-presentation education: A user-centered design approach
    Dong Zhihua, Purdue University, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Education, Technology of
  15. Nanotechnology and food: The perception and level of acceptance of nanotechnology use in foods
    Kim, Melanie Sunkyung, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2014, M.S.
    Subjects: Health Sciences, Nutrition
    Application of distributed generation sources for micro-grid power quality enhancement
    Rafiei, Sepide, Queen's University (Canada), 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
  16. Organizational change: The role of organizational culture and employees' trust in their managers
    Khan, Shahid Zaman, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2011, M.S.
    Subject: Sociology, Organizational
  17. Linear matrix inequality based robust control synthesis
    Conord, Thomas, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2006, M.S.Aero.E
    Subject: Engineering, Aerospace
    Holes-in-the-wall? Mobility through individually owned foreign restaurants in Suzhou, China
    Allison, Steven, San Diego State University, 2014, M.A.
    Subject: Geography
    MYERS, ELWIN RALPH, Arizona State University, 1983, M.A.
    Subjects: Education, Business
  18. Strategic human resource management: Business strategy and sourcing
    Coggins, Sheila Kay, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 1999, M.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
    External validity of brand image and product-user image: Investigating the relationship between destination image and destination-visitor image
    Tang, Felix Tzu Lung, Simon Fraser University (Canada), 2002, M.B.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Marketing
  19. The role of perceived value and emotion in determining consumer satisfaction and loyalty: A case of Asian restaurants
    Song, Jahyun Leena, Oklahoma State University, 2014, M.S.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Marketing
    Youth Character Strengths, Peer Victimization, and Well-Being: Understanding Associations between Positive Traits, Social Experiences, and Positive Psychological Outcomes
    Frank, Michael J., University of South Florida, 2016, *Ed.S.
    Subjects: Education, Educational Psychology
  20. Ethic and etiquette at work
    Kennedy, Vera Guerrero, California State University, Fresno, 1999, M.P.A.
    Subjects: Political Science, Public Administration
  21. Northern Irish women and the third sector
    McBride, Helen M., University of Wyoming, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: History, General
    Flipped Classroom: Effects on Achievement and Student Perception
    Schwankl, Eric R., Southwest Minnesota State University, 2013, M.S.E.
    Subjects: Education, Mathematics
  22. Developing compelling curriculum for gifted learners: A curriculum effectiveness study
    Aldred, Jennifer Jean, University of Calgary (Canada), 2005, M.A.
    Subject: Education, Curriculum and Instruction
  23. Strategies for Motivating Teams in the Workplace
    Albers, Amy, The College of St. Scholastica, 2012, M.B.A.
    Subjects: Business Administration, Management
  24. Automatic synthesis of a swing-up controller for the pendulum
    Bouchette, Gail Frances, University of Toronto (Canada), 2003, M.A.Sc.
    Subject: Engineering, General
  25. Nobile: Design and evaluation of a persuasive technology application for social behavior change
    Batsaikhan, Batzaya, Iowa State University, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Computer Science