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Each month ProQuest updates this list of the top 25 Most-Accessed Dissertations and Theses across all subjects, based upon total PDF downloads.

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December 2017


    LOEWEN, NORMA, New York University, 1975, Ph.D.
    Subject: Fine arts
  2. Perceptions of executives from seven selected companies of the use of social media in marketing practices
    Alameddine, Abir, Pepperdine University, 2013, Ed.D.
    Subject: Marketing
  3. Measuring corporate social responsibility through organizational values: A scale validation study
    Toliver, Adria Denise, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Occupational psychology
  4. The Impact of Texting and Social Media on Students' Academic Writing Skills
    Risto, Angela, Tennessee State University, 2014, Ed.D.
    Subject: Educational administration
  5. Upheaval in the alliance: The Atlantic powers and the reorganization of Western Europe, 1955-1963
    Giauque, Jeffrey Glen, The Ohio State University, 1999, Ph.D.
    Subject: European history
  6. Boy builders and pink princesses: Gender, toys, and inequality over the twentieth century
    Sweet, Elizabeth Valerie, University of California, Davis, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Sociology
  7. Revisiting fundamental concepts of transformational leadership theory: A closer look at follower developmental processes
    Lippstreu, Michael, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010, Ph.D.
    Subject: Occupational psychology
  8. The ghost of the EDC: The United States and European integration, 1955--1960
    Meek, Alison, University of Toronto (Canada), 2000, Ph.D.
    Subject: American history
  9. Social Media Addiction among Adolescents in Urban China: An Examination of Sociophysiological Traits, Uses and Gratifications, Academic Performance, and Social Capital
    Huang, Hanyun, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 2011, Ph.D.
    Subject: Mass communication
  10. Teachers' beliefs regarding the implementation of constructivism in their classroom
    Beck, Judy, The University of Toledo, 1997, Ph.D.
    Subject: Curriculum development
  11. Effect of media on female adolescents' satisfaction with their body image
    Cardosi, Cynthia A., University of Virginia, 2006, Ph.D.
    Subject: Educational psychology
  12. The relationship between occupational choice and perceptions of professional nursing functions and characteristics
    Youngkin, Ellis Quinn, Old Dominion University, 1990, PH.D.
    Subject: Nursing
  13. When paradigms collide: Feminism, demography, and women's empowerment in rural Bangladesh
    Williams, Jill Renee, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2004, Ph.D.
    Subject: Sociology
  14. Corporate social responsibility and performance: A study of small businesses in the United States
    Srichatsuwan, Supaporn, Alliant International University, 2014, D.B.A.
    Subject: Management
  15. European Union through the market: A political formula for institutional change
    Jabko, Nicolas Pierre, University of California, Berkeley, 2001, Ph.D.
    Subject: Political science
  16. A role for media in reducing the stigma of mental illness
    Robbins, Anne E., Alliant International University, 2015, Psy.D.
    Subject: Mental health
  17. Empirical relationships among servant, transformational, and transactional leadership: Similarities, differences, and correlations with job satisfaction and organizational commitment
    Washington, Rynetta R., Auburn University, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Management
  18. The Fine Points of Working under Pressure: Active and Passive Procrastination among College Students
    Hensley, Lauren Cone, The Ohio State University, 2013, Ph.D.
    Subject: Educational psychology
  19. Exploring the implementation of a life skills training program for adolescents in the Texas foster care system
    Lynch, Courtney Jane, The University of Texas at Austin, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Social work
  20. The academic library building in the digital age: A study of new library construction and planning, design, and use of new library space
    Stewart, Christopher, University of Pennsylvania, 2009, Ed.D.
    Subject: Higher education
  21. Chinese negotiation styles in international business negotiations
    Torres, Jose Anibal, Argosy University/Sarasota, 2011, D.B.A.
    Subject: Management
  22. Ocular Aberrations Across the Visual Field During Accommodation
    Liu, Tao, Indiana University, 2017, Ph.D.
    Subject: Optics
    The long term effects of studying abroad
    Buckley, Kevin, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2015, Ed.D.
    Subject: Education
  23. The transformation of the newsroom: The collaborative dynamics of journalists' work
    Schmitz Weiss, Amy Christine, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008, Ph.D.
    Subject: Journalism
  24. A Model-Driven Penetration Test Framework for Web Applications
    Xiong, Pulei, University of Ottawa (Canada), 2012, Ph.D.
    Subject: Computer science
    When Auditors' Skeptical Judgments Do Not Lead to Skeptical Actions
    Hawkins, Erin Michelle, University of South Carolina, 2017, Ph.D.
    Subject: Accounting
  25. Learning to be engaged: Leader goal orientation, employee goal orientation and the mediating role of employee learning on employee engagement and performance
    Pollock, Patrick W., St. Ambrose University, 2015, D.B.A.
    Subject: Business administration
    Hepatitis C virus persistence and pathogenesis: Role of HCV core and F-protein
    Nguyen, Hau H., University of California, Davis, 2007, Ph.D.
    Subject: Virology

Masters Theses

  1. Ethics and business decision-making
    Jaunich, Gregory J., The College of St. Scholastica, 2012, M.B.A.
    Subject: Management
  2. Knowledge of First-time Mothers' Ability to Care for the Newborn
    Moore, Rebecca, Alcorn State University, 2013, M.S.
    Subject: Nursing
  3. Negative Effects of Cyberbullying and Social Media Use among Young Adolescents
    Johnson, Auria La Rece, Texas Southern University, 2017, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
    Negative effects of cyberbullying and social media usage among young adolescents
    Johnson, Auria La Rece, Texas Southern University, 2017, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
  4. The return of General de Gaulle and Anglo-French relations in 1958
    Van Houten, Christopher Scott, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), 1992, M.PHIL.
    Subject: International law
  5. Effects of live steam treatment of canola seed
    Levi, Slobodan, University of Alberta (Canada), 1986, M.Sc.
    Subject: Engineering
  6. From Social Media Uses and Gratifications to Social Media Addiction: A Study of the Abuse of Social Media Among College Students
    Liu, Yuchen, University of Kansas, 2016, M.S.
    Subject: Mass communication
  7. How does place affect access to 'what works?': Knowledge usage in urban and rural NGO intervention design
    Brooking, Caitlin, The University of Mississippi, 2016, M.A.
    Subject: Sociology
  8. Exploring the Characteristics of Medical Marijuana Users and the Relationship between Medical Marijuana Use and Criminal Involvement among Arrestees in Maricopa County, Arizona
    Cheon, Hyunjung, Arizona State University, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Criminology
  9. Is there civil society in Japan? A study on NGOs
    Menscher, Geneve Eliza, American University, 2001, M.A.
    Subject: International law
  10. Lien entre le sentiment d'auto-efficacite et l'epuisement professionnel chez des enseignantes et enseignants et inventaire des obstacles et facilitateurs a leur epanouissement professionnel
    R. Doyon, Pascal, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres (Canada), 2013, M.A.
    Subject: Pedagogy
  11. A study of customer satisfaction factors and employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry
    Novikova, Ksenia, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2009, M.S.
    Subject: Recreation
    An evaluation of the relationships between breeds, coccidiosis control programs, and lighting programs on broiler performance
    Bray, Joey Lynn, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2003, M.S.
    Subject: Animal sciences
  12. The influence of social media on teens' self-esteem
    Gallagher, Shannon Murphy, Rowan University, 2017, M.A.
    Subject: Social psychology
    The Influence of Social Media on Teens' Self-Esteem
    Gallagher, Shannon M., Rowan University, 2017, M.A.
    Subject: Social psychology
    Internal Activism and Its Implications for Organizational Legitimacy: A Case Study of the NBA's Reaction to the National Anthem Protests in Sports
    Kelly, Corey B., The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2017, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
  13. Who did you say you were? Self-construal and self-presentation: Implications for the interview situation
    Butler, Jennifer A., Michigan State University, 1999, M.A.
    Subject: Information science
    The effects of social media on national security within the United States
    Lumpp, Taylor G., Utica College, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Web studies
  14. How Might Active Video Gaming Affect Physical Activity and Physical Fitness of Students with Intellectual Disabilities?
    Davis, Mark E., Eastern Michigan University, 2017, M.A.T.
    Subject: Special education
    Business Intelligence: Evolution and Future Trends
    Bataweel, Dalal Suliman, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, 2015, M.S.
    Subject: Information technology
  15. Joint attention among young children with autism and their typical peers
    Zebrowski, Sarah, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2015, M.A.
    Subject: Speech therapy
  16. "Babbitt": Loss of human values
    McNary, Leonora P., California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2003, M.A.
    Subject: American literature
    EVANS, O. REX, The College of William and Mary, 1984,
    Subject: School counseling
    The cultural commodification of identity: Hip-hop authenticity
    Quick, Rachel K., University of Missouri - Columbia, 2011, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
  18. The effects of gambling on the financial well-being and perceived social support of family members: A quantitative study
    Le, Thuy, California State University, Long Beach, 2016, M.S.W.
    Subject: Individual & family studies
    Myanmar's Rohingya Refugees The Search for Human Security
    Crossman, Linda, Georgetown University, 2014, M.A.
    Subject: Public policy
    Instagram and Women's Bodies on Display
    Carney, Kirsten, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, 2016, M.S.
    Subject: Communication
    ISIS: The use of social media
    Durr, Brenna, Utica College, 2016, M.S.
    Subject: Social research
    Social, legal and cyber implications of child trafficking
    Webb, Melissa A., Utica College, 2015, M.S.
    Subject: Criminology
    AL-TABBA, YASSER AHMAD, New York University, 1982,
    Subject: Architecture
    Bacchic madness and Roman justice
    Meisner, Dwayne A., The University of Regina (Canada), 2010, M.A.
    Subject: Ancient history
  20. What Makes Apple Consumers Brand Loyal? The Effects Brand Personality, Reputation, and Brand Identity on Brand Loyalty
    Pinson, Caroline, University of South Carolina, 2012, M.S.
    Subject: Marketing
  21. Disney princess "2.0": A feminist critique of Disney's newest generation of princesses
    Rome, Jennifer M., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2013, M.A.
    Subject: Communication
  22. Juvenile delinquency: Causes and solutions
    Anderson, Alphonso, III, Tennessee State University, 2014, M.C.J.
    Subject: Criminology
    An exploratory study of paired serial killers: Pairing, motive, and criminalistic behavior
    Leonard, Gillian S., University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2014, M.A.
    Subject: Criminology
    Regulating cryptocurrency to prevent fraud and money laundering
    Ngai, Kenneth, Utica College, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Banking
  23. Organizations and communication technologies: A study of organizational adaptation
    Mustard, Kimberley Ann, University of Calgary (Canada), 2000, M.A.
    Subject: Mass communication
    Cyberbullying: Negative impacts call for stronger legislation
    Ryan, Jennifer, Utica College, 2014, M.S.
    Subject: Information technology
  24. Arkansas State University Students' Perceptions of Islam and Muslims: The Effect of Media and Demographics
    Alotaibi, Saud Helal, Arkansas State University, 2015, M.S.M.C.
    Subject: Mass communication
    Gender discrimination in the workplace
    Childs, Sheena, State University of New York Empire State College, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Women's studies
    Ethics of photojournalism in the digital age
    Page, Thyra Lynn, University of Wyoming, 2012, M.A.
    Subject: Ethics
  25. Risk management models and the disaster mitigation process
    Harding, Ruth L., Simon Fraser University (Canada), 1994, M.A.
    Subject: Mass communication