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Hall of Scholars

ProQuest has been collecting, preserving, and disseminating dissertations and theses since 1938. As dedicated stewards of graduate works, our goal is to ensure that dissertations and theses are preserved in perpetuity as a valuable component of the primary literature in every discipline.

As a committed supporter of graduate education, ProQuest is a sponsor of many awards recognizing excellence in graduate scholarship.

We are proud to honor and reward this year's outstanding scholars and winners of the CGS/ProQuest Dissertation Awards.


The 2020 CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award Committee — Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering

Kim LaScola Needy, Chair
University of Arkansas

Karen Butler-Purry
Texas A&M

Terri Camesano
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Marc d’Alarcao
San Jose State University

David Kieda
University of Utah

Ranjit Koodali
Western Kentucky University

Mark Riley
Florida State University

Michael Soloman
University of Michigan

The 2020 CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award Committee — Social Sciences

Michael Cunningham, Chair
Tulane University

Laura Carlson
Notre Dame University

Mark Garrison
Morgan State University

Kate Hausbeck-Korgan
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Nicole Lounsbery
South Dakota State University

Aimée Surprenant
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Peter Vanable
Syracuse University

Rossitza Wooster
Portland State University

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