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We are proud to list the most recent awardees of the Dissertation and Theses Awards.

Council of Graduate Schools (CGS)

  • Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering — Caroline J. Trippel, Princeton University
  • Humanities and Fine Arts — Akhil Rao, University of Colorado Boulder

Canadian Association of Graduate Studies (CAGS)
  • Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Sciences — Dr. Christian Reimer, National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS)
  • Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences — Dr. Ashley Whillans, University of British Columbia

Council for Historically Black Graduate Schools (CHBGS)

  • Emerging Scholar Award Dissertation — Simone R. Barrett, Morgan State University
  • Emerging Scholar Award Thesis — Anish Bhandari, Morgan State University

Conference of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS)

  • Master’s Thesis Award, Life Sciences — James P. Fancher, Texas State University
  • Master’s Thesis Award, Social Science, Education, and Business — Heather Hyden, University of Kentucky

Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS)

  • Master's Thesis, Biological and Life Sciences — Rafael Martinez-Feria, Iowa State University
  • Master's Thesis, Humanities — Hilo Sugita, Indiana University

Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools (NEAGS)

  • Master's Thesis, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering — James W. Mnatzaganian, Rochester Institute of Technology

Western Association of Graduate Schools (WAGS)

  • Innovation in Technology — Momcilo Gavrilov, Simon Fraser University
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Business — Cole Crawford, Oregon State University
  • Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering — Prem Pokharel, University of Alberta

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