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E-resources discoverable in the OPAC
Saves librarians time
Single library or group records
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360 MARC Updates streamlines your workload and provides patrons the ability to effectively find e-serials and ebooks in your OPAC. With customized MARC records tailored and designed to meet your specifications, the 360 MARC Updates service ensures that you maximize your OPAC as a discovery resource and effectively position your staff to focus on other priorities. Updates are available monthly, to ensure you and your patrons have accurate and current records across your entire e-collection.

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Calculate the value of time saved

360 MARC Updates is the OPAC updating service that maintains e-resources in your catalog efficiently and effectively. Have you asked yourself how much your library could save if you didn’t have to spend your time correcting or updating bibliographic data, verifying provider coverage dates, and maintaining tens of thousands of changing access URLs in your MARC records each and every month?

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Knowledgebase Notifications in the Client Center

Don’t miss information affecting your management and discovery services! Keep your knowledgebase updated and streamline workflows by staying informed of and responding to knowledgebase changes through a new Client Center notifications page.

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Help users find e-resources in your OPAC

Be assured those accessing your OPAC will find all of your licensed ebooks and e-journals in the most efficient way, making it a complete, centralized repository of your entire electronic collection.

Delivers consistency to your users

Whether users are searching for holdings within your OPAC, or leveraging discovery services querying your OPAC, they can expect the same consistent and accurate information – regardless of what system they use.

Reduces workload associated with e-resources

The workload required to keep your OPAC up to date with e-resource metadata is almost eliminated – it takes minimal effort. You receive monthly updates, eliminating the need to track or replace existing records as content changes.

Provides the most accurate records

Authoritative holdings data is combined with the premier serials and eBooks cataloging resources—CONSER, Library of Congress MARC records, and our records —to provide you with the highest quality coverage for all of your electronic content.

Fulfills your library’s customization needs

Customize records to your liking and receive records that conform to the specifications that are unique to your library. Records work with any ILS, has flexible delivery options, can be used in single, shared or consortia OPAC environments.

Eliminates duplicate records

Remove the end-user experience of seeing more than one record for a particular title, and the need to maintain multiple electronic records from multiple sources, by using a service that integrates holdings into one record.

Broad and comprehensive collection coverage

Provides comprehensive records for your electronic collection, whether for e-serials or ebooks.

Standardized yet flexible delivery options

You can receive monthly updates and request updates only for records that have changed, or request all new records each delivery.

Direct or hosted 856 fields

Receive updated and customized URLs in the bibliographic record through direct links or in the E-Journal portal through 856 fields, which offers the additional benefits of easier maintenance and usage statistics.

ILS- and institution-specific customizations

Makes bulk importing simple and error-free with ILS-specific edits or additions. Ensures that e-serials records match your existing MARC records and local cataloging standards.

Single library or group records

Libraries with a shared OPAC can deliver e-journal data reveal branch links to patrons with library-specific hosted 856 links to patrons.

Single record representation

Aggregates all electronic holdings into a single online record, reducing the number of records required to depict e-serials your patrons need to review to find appropriate content.

OpenURL citation linking

Gives patrons a direct path to entering a citation that leads to full-text articles by adding an OpenURL link in an 856 field.

Highest quality bibliographic data

Put CONSER and Library of Congress records - including LC subject headings, linking fields, and enhanced title data - into your OPAC.

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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